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wedding cakes at a good value

Hello all.

My fiance and I are getting married in the village in a few months and we're wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for a reasonably priced bakery in new york that can put a great wedding cake together, without the wedding cake mark-up. Your thoughts would be appreciated.


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    1. baked (in red hook) does amazing cakes and just did a wedding cake for a friend's wedding. for 75ppl (i think), it was around $400 and guests that were at the event said it was the best they have ever had. here's the site if you want to check them out - http://bakednyc.com/page/weddings

      1. my husband and i had our wedding this past june and went with chocolate blossom cakes. mary, the owner, was great to work with. www.chocolateblossomcakes.com

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          Something Sweet in the East Village

        2. I would recommend Alice's Tea Cup! We used them (Collette Foley) for our cake and it was delicious. I thought the price was very reasonable, she was very professional and didn't try to oversell us.

          We also used Baked for our dessert table (they're our favorite bakery) with excellent results. For a wedding cake I wanted something a little prettier than what they were doing at the time.

          1. We had a wonderful cake from Soutine (70th St. east of Columbus) at our wedding 4 years ago. It was about $350 and easily fed 30.

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              Cake from Soutine is amazingl. I didn't get a wedding cake but, I did special order a cake and not only was it delicious but they got my special order design just right!

              I would also suggest Momofuku. $350 gets you a 3 tier-cake.

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                I tasted the Momofuku's the naked cake last weekend at my friend's wedding. It was actually pretty good as I am not a big fan of buttercream. It wasn't sweet either which is plus.

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                Yes, Soutine has one of most inexpensive wedding cakes in the city. Also check out Sugar Sweet Sunshine (they do both cupcakes and regular cakes, both are inexpensive) and Baked in Brooklyn. There are a few other bakeries with wedding cakes for less than $8/person (which seems to be about average) if you need a full list let me know.

                But of course nothing will be cheaper than a Chinatown bakery cake! The question is whether it will taste good.

                Sugar Sweet Sunshine
                126 Rivington St, New York, NY 10002

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                  The bakers from Soutine have opened a new place in Morningside Heights called One Cup, Two Cupcakes (Columbus Ave near 107th St.). The same reasonable prices and the same beautiful and delicious cakes. The name is rather misleading, though, because they have plenty of other things. It's more like a slightly pared down version of Soutine rather than a cupcake joint. Definitely worth checking into if you're ordering a special-occasion cake.

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                    I cannot recommend Soutine Bakery anymore after an incident where the owner chose to embarrass me in front of everyone and left me literally in tears. No customers should be treated like that!

                    I do have a new recommendation - City Sweets at citysweets.com. I had my own wedding cake made by her. The pricing was very reasonable, same as Two Little Red Hens but she was at the venue actually setting up the cake and looking it over herself to make sure nothing goes wrong (TLRH would have simply had the cake delivered.) She also did a free groom's cake, which was also delicious and gorgeous. Highly, highly recommended. I *think* she may have done the cake for Alec Baldwin's recent wedding as well, not that it matters.

              3. You should check out some of the bakeries in Chinatown. Should be super cheap.

                1. If you are willing to go to Astoria, St. Honore Patisserie at Ditmars and 35th Street.

                  1. A little far afield, but we used the Cake Boutique in Wilton, CT for our wedding in Westchester. The prices were much lower than NYC bakery prices. I don't remember how much delivery cost, but it might still end up a bunch cheaper if you are getting a big cake. It was a very tasty cake.

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                      The original post is from 2009... The couple probably have already eaten their cake by now :)