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Nov 22, 2009 06:23 PM

New Years Weekend Food Itinerary


My boyfriend and I are going to be in New Orleans for three nights starting New Years Eve. I have been doing a lot of research on this board and have put together a rough eating itinerary. We recently went to NYC and basically did two days of eating based on all of the recommendations from Chowhound and it was amazing! Here is what I have so far:

THURSDAY (New Years Eve)

Breakfast: Cafe du Monde - beignets & cafe au lait
Lunch: Commanders Palace- turtle soup, reserve the garden room, cheap lunch (25 cent martinis), Bread pudding souffle
Dinner: Cochon ???

Lunch: Galatoire’s- martini (bowl of olives), sit downstairs, dress nicely, fried eggplant and souffled potatoes appetizer oysters- en brochette, fried, dessert-café brulot, great coffee
Dinner: Acme Oysters (raw oysters, oyster po boy, char grilled oysters

Lunch: Mr. B’s- bbq shrimp and cheap drinks (at lunch), go at lunch and sit at the bar, gumbo, gumbo ya ya, oysters- Deep fried with bacon horseradish hollandaise
Dinner: Coops- fried chicken, crawfish beignets???

Early Breakfast

Napoleon House- Pimms Cup
Carousel Bar- Vieux Carre Cocktail, The Goody, French 75
Sazarec Bar at the Roosevelt- drinks
Pat O’ Brians- hurricane

I also know that August has a really good lunch deal and I would love to eat there. But that means eating at Commander's Palace for brunch instead of lunch on Thursday. Is this a good idea? I would also have to eat at Mr. B's for dinner instead of lunch, but I guess that's OK except it's more expensive. Any advice/changes to the itinerary would be greatly appreciated!

We are also going to fit in Central Grocery, Luke (happy hour), and The Old Coffee Pot (maybe). Is it worth going to Brennan's for breakfast and bananas foster?

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  1. actually i am going to NOLA this weekend and had a similar question re: brennans. is it worth it to go for the full bfast? (i have heard otherwise on this site)

    the conundrum i have is bananas foster is my girlfriends all-time favorite dessert, so either i would like to go there just for the foster (if you're allowed just to go in for dessert), or go to another place for bunch that has bananas foster.. please help!

    *chuckle * thanks.

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    1. re: ryan97ou

      i have given brennan's 2 tries at breakfast, and both failed. if you must, just go for dessert.

    2. make reservations now if at all possible and keep them. that weekend is always busy.
      i know it is easy to stray when you're having fun or find something along the way. but if you want a specific place at a specific time, book it now!

      oh, any advice/changes...start training now, pre-treat, and have fun! Cheers!

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      1. re: edible complex

        There is absolutley no reason to go to Brennan's.

      2. i would not recommend trying to do CP's for brunch *and* August for lunch. most would be so full from the rich CP's brunch that an equally rich lunch at Aug would simply be impossible. but of course, your mileage may vary.

        me, after a late brunch at CP i cant even do dinner..

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        1. re: kibbles

          I think she meant going to CP on Sunday and doing August on Friday for lunch. That would be a great idea and definitely make those reservations now. Your itinerary sounds great, but do try to make it Uptown at some point. Maybe squeeze in some shopping on Magazine Street or a street car ride to the River Bend area.

          1. re: shanefink

            No I definitely would not do both CP's for brunch and August for lunch in the same day! I think I will change the itinerary to August for lunch on Friday and then do the Jazz Brunch at CP. I guess I was just concerned about missing out on the lunch atmosphere and the cheap martinis!

            Thanks for the advice on going Uptown- I haven't even started to plan for the nonfood parts of the weekend!

        2. So you're NOT going to the game? Sugar Bowl is that weekend and with Florida playing, it will be an especially big crowd as folks can drive. If you haven't set in place reservations, you need to do it asap. Because of the nature of sports crowds, most restaurants will require a CC# at the time of reservation.

          Allstate's fan fest is all day Wed & Thursday between Jax 1 & 2, and usually Decatur will be closed or detoured in that area, so keep that in mind if you're planning on walking around. Tailgate/pregame starts midmorning the 1st, lots of walking traffic on Poydras

          This is a big $$$ corporate week long event, starting with the regatta the 26/27, so
          the restaurants will be full.

          1. Looks like a great list. I love it when I can pick out the influence of my incessant posting in other people's travel plans :D Definitely come back and write up your experiences!