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Nov 22, 2009 06:12 PM

What happened to Beard Papa?

Beard Papa seems to have closed all their stores in Manhattan--does anyone know what happened to the chain? How am I going to get my cream puff/chocolate fondant fix now?

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  1. really? i'll walk by the w. village location tomorrow. i didn't notice it being closed when i walked by, today... but i also wasn't paying close attention.

    you could always try choux factory, which IMHO, is much better than beard papa, anyway.

    1. Not sure about the other branches, but Astor was apparently seized:

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      1. re: D...DF

        i think the one in the west vill is closed for the month...

      2. I walked by the Beard Papa on Broadway near 76th St. last night and it had reopened! The counter has moved to the back and they have a communal table in the front a la Pain Quotidien.

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        1. re: rteplow

          Are the serving the same cream puffs?

        2. The W. Village location on Carmine St. near 6th Ave. (where the old Joe's Pizza was) has a little sign on the door that says it'll be closing permanently on Nov. 29. The sign also notes that the UWS location has been newly renovated and encourages patrons to head there.

          1. I wonder if this lone remaining Beard Papa's can continue to survive. If you think about it, Japanese businesses have been closing one after another. Cafe Zest, Asahiya Bookstore, I hear JAS marts are closing too... all within the same year.