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Nov 22, 2009 05:05 PM

Best Mexican in San Antonio?

I'm visiting San Antonio fo rthe first time. I know the BBQ is great but what's the best Mexican? Preferably somewhere with a great mole and somewhere I can take the whole family.

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  1. Man have you opened a can or worms, or refried beans, as it were. I have found that discussions of favorite mexican restaurants results, as we say in Texas, both parties sayin'----Them's Fightin' Words!

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    1. re: randyjl

      I'm helping chaperone 39 middle school orchestra students (plus parents) to the TMEA convention Feb. 12, 2010. Where is a good and reasonably priced restaurant around downtown to take 70-80 people? Plus, we need vegetarian options.

    2. If you are not that familiar with mexican food a restaurant like Rosario's near downtown, in the King William district, would be a good choice. Check them out online.

      For a little Upscale Tex-Mex try La Hacienda de Los Barios...

      If you're based Downtown try real beef Fajitas at La Margarita...perfect time of year to dine outdoors and people watch. The tortillas and Fajitas are old school fusion here.

      These are not the "best" places to eat, but they are easily accessed, moderately priced, locals eat here because the food is good.

      If I could also make a sugguestion, for breakfast, have some Breakfast tacos, handmade flour or corn tortillas filled with all sorts of egg and meat combos. different from a breakfast burrito, a burrito has a mix of a whole lot of stuff...a breakfast taco is filled with your choice of fillings. Most restaurants have more than 20 fillings,
      Eggs scrambled with your choice of bacon, potatos, pork sausage, mexican chorizo, kielbasa sausage, refried beens, cheese, dried beef, pork rinds And thats just starting with the eggs.

      ask around, ask the hotel staff where they eat.people love to tell you where to get a good taco.

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        have I seen you at an other popular site as SAguy_06? lol

      2. Mostly stay away from Downtown, unless you like watered down tourist food. La Fonda on Main avenue has a good mole so does Picante Grill on Broadway across from the Witte Museum. For the best Mexican food in san antonio, drive west on commerce from downtown across a bridge that goes over some rail road tracks, there are a ton of good hole in the wall mexican joints and always be on the look out for taco trucks they are amazing. The area is relatively safe in the day time, it just looks run down.

        1. Try La Fogata on Vance Jackson Highway. I've visited San Antonio many times, but only have a tourist's knowledge of the restaurant offerings. When I was there for a seminar I asked the locals for their recommendation and it was La Fogata, hands down. It's a stunningly beautiful place. Everything I've tried there has been great, including the mole, and they have some fabulous margaritas.

          1. In the market square
            Cut to the chase...If I was in San Antone tomorrow, this is where I would end up for chow!

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            1. re: dg tx

              I don't think that any long-time San Antonio residents would tell you that Mi Tierra has the "best Mexican food" in the city. But that said, it can be pretty darn good. And while it's true that it's touristy, it's also a lot of fun. It's undoubtedly the most-famous Mexican restaurant in town, if not the most-famous restaurant, period.

              When you tell folks that you went to San Antonio, they'll ask if you went to Mi Tierra. So sooner or later, you'll have to go there. Might as well make it now.

              The family will love it. You'll have a grand time. It's a San Antonio original. A landmark. An institution.

              Don't miss it.

              1. re: Jaymes

                So, if you had to boil it down to Mi Tierra vs. La Margarita, which should we pick? Sounds like they are sister restaurants and next-door neighbors. Any pros and cons between the two?

                1. re: strong95

                  I like Mi Tierra for many reasons. The food is solid Tex Mex, off the chart great drinks (the bartenders have been around a long time and know their craft well), plus the fun touristy aspect.

                  I maintain my favorite Mexican in San Antonio is my friend David Perez who lays claim to the holiday this past Monday, Perezidents Day.

                  1. re: DallasDude

                    Thanks, Dude. I am also a big fan of Maria, who makes us some killer tamales every Christmas.