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Nov 22, 2009 04:32 PM

Puff Tacos in San Antonio

I remember when I was a child, my family went to San Antonio a couple times to bring us kids to the Alamo, and both times we went to this Mexican restaurant that served "puffed tacos". I remember it distinctly because we had the same server both times, years apart, but none of us remembers the name. Does anyone know of this place, or if its still around? It was late eighties and early nineties when I was there.

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  1. Henry's puffy tacos.The most famous was the Taco Hut, but he has closed, The Los Barios Restaurants are known for their puffy tacos. I think there are 3 locations.

    And for great Tex-Mex crispy tacos stuffed with ground beef, lettuce and Longhorn cheese...try Ray's Tacos on Guadalupe...its been there forever.

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      SAguy, I have a question about the crispiness of puffy tacos. My wife and I went to Los Barrios, and the tacos weren't what I'd call crisp, which was fine with me. She's into everything crispy, so she was a little disappointed. What is the texture of the classic San Antonio taco? Myself, I would eat them again next time I'm in town. They also had an excellent Tex Mex beef enchilada.

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        The Crispy taco, is slightly different from the Puffy taco.
        The crispy taco is made by frying a commercial made or molino made corn tortilla.
        the corn tortilla is fried in oil / lard till crispy, then filled with spicy ground beef, lettuce, diced tomato, onion, and topped with shreaded cheadar cheese.

        Puffy taco shells are made by frying raw tortilla dough in hot oil. Tortilla dough(masa) is pressed into a round-slighty smaller than the 7" tortilla- the first side(which will become the inside of the shell) is cooked for about 20-30 seconds in the hot oil, then flipped and folded. as the outside of the shell cooks, the tortilla seperates and puffs. the outside of the shell is cooked untill crisp. then the puffy taco is filled with the traditional taco fillings.

        Crispy Tacos are offered at almost all mexican restaurants...20 % offer puffys.

        Some restaurants dont fry the shell to total crispy, so it dosn't break-apart to pieces.
        I dont mind a crunchy shell, thats what the rice and beans are for.

    2. When all is said and done, a great Puffy will be fresh from the frier, hot and chewy with a TINY bit of crisp on the edges. Try one from the PT lady in the middle of the Marcado on Sunday mornings. If you are staying downtown, just hop on a trolly. About 90 percent of them will deposit you there. Perfect SA street food and will require a modified Philly "stoop" to consume.

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        That's what we had at Los Barrios, more chewy than crispy.

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          Im sorry I refered to a puffy taco as crisp...they are in no way crunchy like a hard fried taco bad