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Nov 22, 2009 03:44 PM

Know any Milwaukee area restaurants open on Thanksgiving or take out- VEGETARIAN

I'm visiting my family in my native Milwaukee this Thanksgiving, I visit there a few times a year but this is the first Thanksgiving there in many years. My small family has decided at the last minute not to go out but to instead stay home with a pre-prepared, store-bought meal. I don't eat meat and I follow a whole grain, low fat, Mediterranean style diet and I think what I'm going to have to do is pick something up the day before or the morning of. Does anyone have any good recommendations for somewhere I can get good take out that I can reheat that will still be tasty? I don't know if I'll just be stuck with Whole Foods' pre-made counter, or even what the selection is like there for vegetarian food compared to what I'm used to on the West Coast.

Any vegetarian restaurant suggestions, better yet, restaurants that have good vegetarian or vegan options in addition to a regular menu would be really helpful for my week long visit since there will be lots of eating opportunities. I've been to Lulu's, the Palomino, Hi-Fi, Beans and Barley (not that impressed). Is there somewhere in the 3rd Ward I'm missing, perhaps?

Thanks so much!

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  1. You may not have much luck on Thanksgiving day, but why not try calling Cafe Manna (Brookfield) or the Comet Cafe (Farwell) to pick up on Wednesday? If you're looking for a treat, you should try Roots (Brewers Hill) while you're in town. Or go ethnic for T-day... lots of mediterranean places have excellent vegetarian dishes.