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top dive bars in new orleans

heres a couple sweet ones Snake and Jakes, saturn bar erin rose any others?

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  1. Bud Rip's, Lamplighter, Marky's, Ms Mae's, more so the old one but the new one is good, Dungeon, F&M's, Butler's before it was closed, Mayfair

    1. Vaughn's, Kingpin, Ernie K Doe's Mother-in-Law Lounge, Bullet's Sport's Bar,

      1. Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop is one of my favorites.

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          Second Lafitte's. Went there with a few friends on the first night of my first trip to new orleans 5 years ago and it was the birth place of one of the best inside jokes ever. For those who haven't been, it's an extra-old, un-upgraded building with extra-low ceilings. Anyway, we're sitting at the bar, enjoying our beers, when a policeman on horseback comes up to the open doorway, and horse and rider both duck their heads under the extra-low doorway and come inside to check things out. To this day, we just have to say to one another "so a horse walks into a bar . . ." and we dissolve into giggles. Maybe you had to be there . . .

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            That's a great story. Those open doors can be a blessing and a curse. One time we were in there about 3 in the afternoon and a young man, obviously high on something and with a grudge, ran in the place, picked up one of those table candles in the glass jars they have or had and whipped it as hard as he could at the bartender, who proceeded to grab a baseball bat from behind the bar and chase the guy down the street. The 8-10 people in there, us included, just kind of looked at one another, did a big "ho-hum" and went back to drinking. I've seen some weird stuff in that place.

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              The same thing happened to my wife and me a couple of years ago when we were there for "light" Mardi Gras. It was quite a site to see this beautiful animal looking right in your face. We asked him if he wanted a beer but he said no, he was on duty

          2. Johnny White's (the one on St Peter, not Bourbon). Say hi to Evil Bob. Also, they open at like 6am or something like that.

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              Johnny White's on St. Peter never closes! It was open 24/7 even during and after Katrina. It's always our first stop when we come to town.......nice friendly people!

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                I should have guessed that. One early morning (5am) I set up under the balcony next door to paint the Pres Hall building. I was lucky to be under the balcony because I got caught in a torrential downpour while "Windex Pete" talked my ear off about lord knows what. When I was done a couple hours later I ducked in Johnny White's for an early morning drink. I was soaked to the bone, balcony or no, and it was definitely a welcoming joint.

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                  Actually, Johnny White's on St Peter Street closed for Katrina. It was up and running as soon as they could re-open and eventually were back to operating 24/7. It was the other Johnny White's (different owner) on Bourbon and Orleans that never closed throughout the Katrina disaster.

              2. Brothers 3, Buddha Belly, The Deckbar, The Lamplighter (the last two are Jeff Parish)

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                    chart room - so funny...attended a conference last week and was inexplicably drawn to this little dive bar..perfect for people watching!

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                      bestest and cheapest cold beer and bloody mary's!

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                        Harry's Corner Bar is on Chartres at Dumaine.

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                          Checkpoint Charlie's on Esplanade, Igor's on St. Charles.

                    2. How about The Alibi on Iberville?

                      1. Milan Lounge

                        Its too bad Nick's Train Stop isn't around any longer.

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                          I love it when people think its pronounced like the city in Italy. ch

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                            I love it when people are positive!

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                              I always liked Coops it always had a Cheers type feel of it.

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                                Haven't been to as many as I would like but Evelyn's Place on Chartre fits the bill.


                                It is most certainly under the radar.On my last visit I queried my cabdriver,who'd been on the job since the late 60's and he'd never heard of it.

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                                  anyone been to mugsys bar on veterans memorial out in metairie?

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                                    I have some friends that have been. They own the bar not far from there, Hurricanes. I've not been to Mugsy's but have been to the Lamplighter

                        2. Pete's in the Irish Channel and the Saint on St. Mary's.

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                            +1 on Pete's. I would have never even thought to go in had it not been for some friends who live down the street. Love the fact that you can order frozen pizza....

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                              What's the address for Pete's. Thanks.

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                                it's on the corner of Chippewa and Sixth.

                            2. The #1 bar in New Orleans is Cure....period.

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                                I agree. Here's a link to lot's of dive bars and cafe's in and around NOLA.


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                                  But I wouldn't call it a dive bar

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                                    definitely not a dive bar, the opposite really.

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                                      Cure is the exact opposite of a dive bar...

                                    2. Hi Ho Lounge
                                      2239 Saint Claude Avenue
                                      New Orleans, LA 70117

                                      Would fit the bill.........

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                                        St, Charles Tavern. Really any bar on Decatur (is Fiorella's still going, it's got a tiny bar). Friendly Bar and Big Daddy's in the Marigny. Buffa's on Esplanade.

                                        Big Daddy's Bar
                                        2513 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70117

                                        Fiorella's Cafe
                                        1136 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116

                                      2. A funny story about Snake and Jakes: I was trying to figure out if my house got power back after Hurricane Gustav. A friend of mine went to Snake and Jakes that is close to my house. I asked "Did they have power." He answered: The beer was cold and it was dark in there, like it always is. -- no Help. I couldn't tell if there was power in my neighborhood.

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                                          Just did an all nighter at these glorious dives Snake and Jakes, Ms Maes, Saturn Bar, erin rose, walked out into the sunlight about eight am from snake and jakes job well done.

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                                            Due to my recent trip to nola I must add Chucks Sports Bar on Gravier near magazine close to harrahs casino. Great dive Im not sure about the sports bar thing since they do have one tv lol. Great patina cheap two dollar miller high lifes and some cool laid back people. check this one out. Oh by the way JOHNNY WHITES hole in the wall on bourbon closes forever June 30th the sad end to another all time dive bar. rip.

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                                            The best snake and jakes stories usually always involved naked thursdays (stand at the bar naked and get a free bartab). I dont think they do those anymore, cant confirm as I dont live in town anymore.

                                          3. The Saint
                                            Snake & Jake's
                                            Roberts Bar
                                            Ms. Mae's
                                            Brother's 3

                                            I went to one right outside of the airport a few years ago that's actually in a tire shop. It was during Halloween - and I thought I may have hallucinated the whole thing; but the other day I was dropping someone at the airport and I saw it. On Airline Hwy. That place is no joke.