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Nov 22, 2009 03:11 PM

Dinner before the show at 5th Avenue Theater and drinks/dessert after?

My daughter is taking me out to dinner and a show for my Christmas present this year (I'm a sucker for a musical). I live in Eastern Washington and she's in Olympia. We have reservations for the show and a room at the Fairmont. I don't want her to spend a fortune on dinner so I think the Georgian is out. We both enjoy food, but she is just beginning to expand her palate . Is there someplace nearby that we can go to have dinner and still make the 8pm show. Someplace nice but not too spendy(she's a college student). Maybe a place after for a drink and special dessert? I've been looking at the site and hadn't seen anything specifically addressing the pre-show meal. To make things more complicated I am recovering from heart surgery and won't be able to walk up and down the hills like we used to.

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  1. Enjoy the show and the Fairmont. The trees in the lobby should be nice. If you want to stay at the Fairmont for dinner you could dine at Shucker's. It is good basic seafood and is not nearly as expensive as the Georgian.
    Keeping you off the hills limits your choices somewhat, but there are still some good options. If you like Italian there is Tulio's which is nice and quietly elegant.
    Purple is reasonably close and is nice and your daughter could experiment a little without going overboard I believe it offers a discount for theater goers with a ticket.
    Palomino is good - if not outstanding. It also may offer a discount with a ticket

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      Thanks, I've been checking out this board for hours now and am so jealous that my daughter lives near such great food and entertainment opportunities. Hopefully, we can start to enjoy more of them with her after she graduates and starts working (that's after all the student loans are paid off, of course). The city is so pretty at Christmas, we are looking forward to a wonderful holiday weekend. I hope to do some major Christmas shopping, hit the Spa at Nordstroms and have a carraige ride. Doing my part to stimulate the economy! Will talk about the trip and the restaurants we dined at after.

    2. Barolo at happy hour or List- both have beautifully decor, have great food and drinks, and are a10 minute walk or short cab ride.

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        Hi, writing in from the crew room, we are in rehearsals for the show! For drinks after, Vessel right next door to the front door of the theatre is way cool.

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          Thank you for the suggestion. Vessel sounds great! We are so looking forward to the show and are purchasing tickets for South Pacific, too! Then I will treat her to some of the amazing food we weren't able to get to during our holiday trip. Will be checking out this board for it's timely recs. Thanks again.

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            Thanks for the rec. we will be sure to try Vessel. We are so looking forward to the show and are already planning a second trip to see South Pacific. I will check back again to find new rec's for restaurants to enjoy that weekend.

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              I love Vessel and was going to suggest it but is not a place to go for drinks and dessert. Great cocktails though.