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Nov 22, 2009 02:59 PM

TASTE - Red Bank

Just noticed a new place in the Galleria. TASTE - has anyone been?

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  1. Yes, my husband and I ate there last night. They have only just opened so they only had a "tasting" menu. The menu consisted of a few each of soups, salads, brushetta, cold apps (antipasto) sandwiches (wraps or panini) and pizzettes. There is a full bar and a very nice wine list (both by the glass and by the bottle). We opted for a bottle of Michael ^ David Zin from Lodi. Fabulous! We shared two apps, classic tomato brushetta which was delicious and a app called Taste "That" which consisted or artichoke hearts with parm (I'm not an artichoke lover but they were very good), roasted peppers (delicious!), proscuitto & provolone stuffed hot cherry peppers (I LOVED this) and fresh mozzarella (so fresh, so creamy, so great) with a really good balsamic. For our main meal, I had a classic pizzette (Margarita) and my husband had a sirloin & port salut (cheese) wrap with carmelized onions and a big dish of cole slaw. The pizzette was very crispy and quite tasty and my husband loved his sandwich. We will definitely be going back. They also had a limited desert menu but nothing that my chocoholic husband was interested in (Mango/Strawberry Sorbet, Malted Milk Gelato, and a peach and strawberry pie). We paid the check and were finishing our wine when the server brought over a small sample of pound cake desserts that they will be offering after they have their grand opening (Dec 16). It was three small slices of pound cake each topped differently. There was a chocolate peanut butter (I loved this and so did my husband who DOES NOT like peanut butter), chocolate and coconut (my favorite) and chocolate and walnut (I did not get any of this). So, overall a really good experience and I would recommend trying it out.

    10 Bridge Ave, Red Bank, NJ 07701

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        No, this replaced Savanna which was a coffee house previously.

        1. re: tgran

          The coal fire pizza replaced 2Senza.

          1. re: Papa Bing

            Thanks Papa, how could I forget with all the buzz over Neopolitan ; )

            1. re: Papa Bing

              Is 2Senza still open or has it official closed the doors for good?

              1. re: aklein

                saw the coal pizza sign this morning as I drove by

            2. re: tgran

              actually, Savannah's was a tapas restaurant. Before that, it was a coffehouse.

        2. My wife and I went the other day and were very happy with our service, the food, and the wines that we tried for the first time.
          I had the CA Montini Pinot Grigio, which was excellent, far better than Santa Margarita that I have tried in the past and my wife had the Columbia Cellars Riesling. She is usually not a fan of Rieslings due to the sweetness, but this one was quite enjoyable.

          We are looking forward to our next visit with a full menu ahead of us.

          1. Can you describe the interior, please? Small tables close together, hard benches (like old 2Senza) or booths? Dark inside? Loudish music? Thanks.

            1. So happy to see something opened here in this beautiful space. Great place to hang out with girlfriends, have a few drinks and appys. Sitting at the bar, we found the service to be excellent. One thing I find inexcusable at a bar.....being ignored while sitting 2 feet away from the bartender. No, you won't find that here. Not only did our own bartender check in with us thru out the night, but all the other bartenders asked us if we were doing all right. Also, very nice selection of wines and decent bar food. Thank you, Taste, it was great and we're planning on making this our new hangout.