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Nov 22, 2009 02:55 PM

Seeing 'Green' at Diana's Seafood!!

Went to Diana's this morning to get some Monk fish and Sable fish for dinner. Saw they have three 'rare' green shell fish products on sale! Ended up buying a whole bunch of the delicacies!

They were: Live' Green shell mussels from New Zealand ( a dozen for $5.25 ), Live Green sea urchins ( 3 for $4.50!! size of a pessimon. What a deal! ) and Live green shell Abalone ( $4.99 each - size of a small lemon ).
Steamed both the abalone and mussels just now! Amazing!!! Especially the mussels. Plump, super sweet and chewy!! Exactly as I remembered! Guess I have to make weekly trips from now on!!! Next time I will braise the abalone with premium soya, Sake and Murin or even eat it sashimi style! As for the Uni, very fresh and sweet. However, be sure to rinse off some of the salty sea water!

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    1. re: Davwud

      Has anyone seen live abalone at Diana's again. Something we can work into a CNY dinner!

      1. re: tekkamaki

        Rather than Diana, safer bet is to head over to T&T. Saw at least 2 dozens of big live Chilean ones @$5.99 each. ( Warden/Steeles location).

        1. re: Charles Yu

          Thanks for the info, Charles. These are true abalone? -- not the abalone-like Chilean Locos?

          1. re: tekkamaki

            100% true abalone with the 'holed' shell and all!

    2. I might go to try the sea urchins, I've never had fresh uni before. Easy to open? Where else can you get live sea urchin?

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      1. re: szw

        I was there at noon, they had no live sea urchins available just the trays.