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Nov 22, 2009 01:39 PM

Green Goddess Tips

We'll be visiting NOLA in Dec (for our annual food pilgrimage) and are making restaurant reservations now.

Green Goddess won't take reservations. For dinner, will we have to be there at 5pm to get in? Is it better to go there for lunch?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. It's a tiny restaurant, maybe 12-15 seats inside, including the bar. About as many seats outside in the alley, so if the weather's nice, you should be okay. A recent Friday late lunch found the restaurant with just a few patrons, so there was no wait.

    1. You know, I was there about a month ago for a late lunch. My guest & I had been SO looking forward to it -- and we were both disappointed. The food was pretty 'meh' and actually, mine was burned on the bottom (not intentional for that dish!)

      We were served by one of the owners, and he & the waiter were lovely and gracious, but we were so disappointed. Maybe I'll try again, since I'm nearby and as so many people have said great things, but I wouldn't recommend it to someone with limited time in N.O. -- there are far too many other places which are out of this world!

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        Thank you shywri1ter. We seem to be the only two underwhelmed by Green Goddess..

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          Well, when this happens it's just my excuse to give a place another try! Never hurts to manage another meal ... :} (although as I mentioned, both of us at the time I went left unimpressed, so who knows.)

      2. Strange that they don't take reservations, offhand, I would think the opposiite would be true for very small restaurants. Does anyone know why they would choose to go this route? ch

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          Here's a link to GG chef Chris deBarr's livejournal blog--you can ask him yourself:

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            It's an extremely casual restaurant, so the fact that they don't take reservations isn't surprising at all. It's like Acme of Felix taking reservations...doesn't make sense for a small sit eat and go place. I'm sure many people get their food "to go."

            1. re: FoodChic

              It's a little more subtle than that, I think. Green Goddess is a casual place in that it's relaxed and you don't have to dress up, but I wouldn't describe it at all as "eat and go," nor is taking food from there to go a common practice.

              I am guessing here, but I think one they don't take reservations because it's difficult for them to predict what the table turnover will be like any given night. I can see people getting in and out in an hour, or mingling over cocktails, having the tasting menu, chatting with the chef, and being there for 3 or 4 hours.

              Green Goddess
              307 Exchange Place, New Orleans, LA 70130

              1. re: uptownlibrarian

                We'll have to agree to disagree on this, as when I've been there for lunch I've seen several place orders to go.

          2. We were there two weeks ago- the place was empty when we wandered over, but it was 3:30 or so.

            ETA- the food was outstanding. We had the BLT salad, the pulled pork panini, and the Ploughman's Lunch. We considered just staying and having dinner there when they reopened.

            1. I had an amazing brunch there last Sunday, sitting out in the sunshine. Sweet potato biscuits in mushroom gravy and grits. My mom had the shrimp and grits and loved it [she's not from here, so I can't speak to its authenticity]. Both drank harum secrets. It's just a pleasant, sunny, delicious place on a nice day.