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Nov 22, 2009 12:43 PM

close but misses the mark

We stayed on a Saturday night and had dinner at the formal dining room as well as drinks on the deck overlooking the golf course and room service breakfast. It is obvious that the Brasstown Valley Resort aspires to be a 4 star facility and indeed has all the making from valets and a concierge to a golf course, spa and heli pad and several miles of hiking trails . In my opinion their food misses the mark for a variety of reasons:
Pros - lovely dining room with comfortable chairs, great service, relatively quiet and large windows so I bet you get a beautiful view if it isn't dark. Price of entree includes a substantial salad bar that also had soup, peel and eat shrimp, and smoked salmon. For $19.95 you can have the salad bar by itself and that's a pretty good deal.
Con's - thick, heavy buffalo white china...uggh with minimal sauces or garnishes so your food looks somehow lonely and nekkid on the plate. Price of entree - if you are going for quantity over quality you will be blown away by having your entree and the included salad bar but most of entrees were well over $25 and the night's special was $46 for a surf and turf for that much you better be good and their food is adequate but not stellar.
Unimaginative menu....steaks, 2 or 3 trout dishes, one pasta....not at lot of creativity or imagination in the plating or dishes. Not bad...just not up to the mark.

To sum seems as though the resort is operating within a comfort zone of appealing to guests and local restaurants and in doing so has "dumbed down" what could be a good thing with a mediocre menu and presentation.

Brasstown Valley Resort Dining Room
6321 U S Highway 76, Young Harris, GA 30582

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  1. Hope you had fun anyway, Leah!

    Brasstown is a restaurant that I would never consider eating at in Asheville, but a place that I'm damn glad exists when I'm in the N. Georgia mountains. Honestly, we were quite surprised and pleased by the quality of the place the few times I've been there. But then, my expectations were low based on the other restaurants in the area. I've never ordred off the menu, we always go when there's a buffet.