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Nov 22, 2009 11:45 AM

Peking Duck

In my years living in calgary I have never really tried authentic chinese food. Sun's BBQ resteraunt is the closest I've come. They cook excellent duck. Is there anywhere I can go for a home cooked Chinese dinner in Calgary?

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  1. You've got to ask for the Chinese Menu - yes, it's in Chinese but it's authentic food. There are usually set dinners for 4, 6 and 10 people. Ask the wait staff to give you a brief synopsis of what's in the dinner set.

    Restaurants: Happy Hill, Sun's BBQ, T-Pot, Tai Pan, Forbidden City, Shanghai Palace, Snow Palace to name a few Chinese restaurants.

    For Peking Duck - you can 3 course Peking Duck at Tai Pan, Happy Hill, Ginger Beef Peking House, Shanghai Palace, Snow Palace to name a few.

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      Does Snow Palace have tables? A quick look driving by revealed what looks like a take-out only place?

      1. re: sharonanne

        Yes, Snow Palace has tables. It gets crowded. Make a reservation.

        Snow Palace - 403-208-3533
        5-25 Crowfoot Rise Nw , Calgary , AB T3G 4P5

        1. re: makan2

          Yep, that's the address I Googled. All those darned crowfoot 'streets' have similar names. It's in the strip beside Ricky's? I'd say across from a car dealership but that wouldn't narrow it down as there are so many. I'll take another look.

          1. re: sharonanne

            Yes, that's the place. It's beside an Alterations store, right in the midst of the dental offices. Parking is right in front of the restaurant.

            1. re: makan2

              Thanks, drove by last evening and saw the tables. Wouldn't have needed a reservation last night though. We'll give it a try soon.

              1. re: makan2

                Went to Snow Palace tonight. Great find, thanks. The "other" menu is written in English and Chinese here and is at the back of the regular menu. The very last page is all Chinese, I'll drag my son out to work through that part with me. They also have a page of group dinners.

                We ordered way too much. Didn't try the peking duck which makes me a highjacker. Sorry, but if the peking duck is up to the standard of the rest of the food it should be good.

                No crowd tonight but weekends are probably worse.

      2. I really like the Peking duck at Peking Garden on Varsity Drive and Shaganappi.

        1. i thought i'd add that Peking Duck, and indeed most Chinese restaurant dishes, are in no way close to a "home cooked Chinese Dinner", so be careful what you ask for ;). Most of these dishes are descendants of dishes featured in imperial banquets, and eaten only by the upper class or during special occasions and weddings. A good peking duck can take several days to prepare properly. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it...

          1. This thread got me curious so I ordered Peking Duck from The Pavilion restaurant in NW Calgary. MMMM good! I've never tried Peking Duck before but this appears to be excellent. :)