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Mexican or BBQ in NW New Jersey

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Need a Tex-Mex (not Chevy's) or Barbecue place in NW New Jersey -- not too far from intersection of Route 10 and I 287 -- for Wednesday night. One of my sons moved from Texas to Montreal and really misses Tex-Mex -- but the rest of the family can't stand Chevy's -- so a GOOD Mexican or Tex-Mex place or a BBQ place would be great! Help, please!

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  1. I've been to Hot Rods in Wharton which is about 10 miles away from the 10.287 intersection. You could go straight up Route 10 or take I-80 West.

    Hot Rod's is a small place with reasonable prices. Some really love the place. I found it to be fair to good on BBQ myself. If I were in the area, it would be worth considering, but I would not call it a destination for BBQ......however, in local newspapers it is always voted the best BBQ. Look at the site and decide for yourself.

    FWIW, if I recall correctly, they have an all you can eat rib night.......call to verify the day.

    1. I've never been, but Don Jose's in East Hanover fits your geographical demands exactly - about 4 miles from the intersection of 10 and 287.