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Nov 22, 2009 11:23 AM

New Food hole in the Calgary Beltline.

I was walking down 11th St the other day and i saw this place a few doors north of the Galaxy Diner. Its called More Than Meats. They do Lebanese food. Nothing great about that I thought but had to go in and check it out. I sampled their Hummus. It was the best I've ever tried hands down!! They're promoting the 100 mile diet by using locally produced ingredients in their foods. They tell me their meats are farm fresh and received weekly from the slaughterhouse. I can't see their chickpeas or grape leaves being locally produced but these guys are trying and their prices are just as competitive as the Shawarma knight and Falafel King. I won't even compare Homemade Hummus and Baba Ghanouj to industrially made dips from the supermarket chains.


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  1. thanks for mentioning these guys- they make the most incredible little lamb pies, with pine nuts. I get six of these babies and heat them up in the toaster oven- FIVE BUCKS. Amazing.

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      Thanks! I'll have to check it out. I love lamb (and pine nuts!).

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        Lamb pies are $1.25 each, it's $7.50 for 6 now. Really small (open-faced, two bites), but very tasty. The hummous was good but I like tahini in my hummous and it didn't taste like it had any (or not enough). No seating, but great for a take-home meal. It was hard to find them on google, here's the info (from Canada411):
        More Than Meats
        1403 11 Street SW

      2. I believe all the meats there are halal. Although not a topic I know a lot about. Maybe a 'must check' place for muslims in the area. I hope to hear more. Thanks John for the tip on the lamb pies! Yum...

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          halal butchers aren't just for Muslims, but indeed it's good to have this resource near the core, especially seeing as more than 30% of DT/Beltline residents are recent immigrants and many of them are indeed Muslim.

        2. thanks for the heads up

          1. Excellent. I've be meaning to try these guys out. Thanks for the review.

            1. Thanks for the post. Went back and tried the Lamb pies with hummus dip. Well worth it!!