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Nov 22, 2009 10:41 AM

A good dinner Christmas Week

My sisters are going to visiting the week of Christmas from SF and Seattle. I suggested that instead of exchanging presents this year we treat ourselves to a really good meal. I doesn't have to be for Christmas Day or Eve-just some time within that week (so we won't have to contend with holiday closure.) We live in Hollywood but would consider going pretty much anywhere. Any thoughts for 4 people for a really special meal. The fancy ones I have thought of so far that I have never tried are Bouchon in Beverly Hills, Melisse in Santa Monica, Bazaar on La Cienega, and Craft in Century City. A couple we have tried but I don't think I would necessarily go back to are Water Grill (just didn't find it good value for money) and Church and State (ditto the value for money comment).

What other ones should we put on the list for consideration? They don't have to fancy or even wildly $$, just something special for 4 people to splurge on at Xmas time.

Thanks for the help!!

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  1. Skip Bouchon - inconsistent and underwhelming.

    It very much depends upon the environment you want. Bazaar is VERY different from Melisse. I'm not sure how old you are either, which may or may not influence the vibe you are seeking.

    We're doing a company Holiday dinner at Bazaar. I think the nice thing is if you want to stay to hang out the hotel/lounge/bar you can...

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      Hi Emme-thanks for the stay-away from Bouchon-I red the review after I posted my request. I was also thinking Animal maybe. We are all in our mid-50's no kids coming with. We aren't party people but I will admit Melisse strikes me as kind of stuffy. My husband is French and we have the good fortune of getting some really good food when we are there. So it is really all about the food for us-but I will say we tend to want value for money, which is mostly why we were underwhelmed at both Church and State and Water Grill. At C&S for lunch we ordered to share among 4 people the charcuterie plate and when it came, our French friend with us quiped-"it looks like what is left over once I am FINISHED with the charcuterie plate." I mean come on- the portions were crazy-4 little slices of salami and silver dollar sized slices of 2-3 pates for $18?

      What about Providence.....I am following eagerly the 2009 poll thread for more good ideas.

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        Animal is great, especially if you like meat dishes.

        Providence is one of my favorites as well, given my preference for seafod...

        You can't go wrong with either... I'm sure others will weigh in!

    2. What about Campanile??? I have always enjoyed the idea of a Mark Peel evening...

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        oooh Campanile, good suggestion. I haven't been there in awhile and I love the building as well. Thanks-and to others keep the suggestions coming-I know there must be others out there I am forgetting.

      2. Melisse or Craft.

        Will you consider Providence?