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Nov 22, 2009 09:59 AM

The Fran's - Glenn Gould connection

As the father of a classical musician, I am being forced at gunpoint on a pilgrimage to Fran's, which apparently was where Glenn Gould used to eat every day when he was in Toronto (he had OCD). I've read on Chow that it's pretty awful these days. What can I safely eat there that will not make my brain implode? Also, I notice there are 2 branches downtown. Which one would he have been eating at in the 1950's and 60's? Cheers!

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  1. The one on St Clair West just down from his apartment which isn't there anymore. If you want to experience Fran's at its most authentic — bland 40s diner — the College Street location is the only "original" Fran's left, tho ownership and menu changed many moons back.

    Though the "new" Fran's on Shuter has window-seat views of Massey Hall where Gould made his debut. Order the Franburger.

    1. You are safest sticking to basic breakfast items -- bacon, eggs, toast, etc.

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        Have to agree with'Toronto Jo'...stick to breakfast items...I have found both College Street (which is now looking so dreadful and down-at-the-heels, that I have to be forced to eat there!!) and the 'new' Frans near Massey Hall while much cleaner and brighter is a more pleasant experience, the Food is mediocre to poor at both places....Above all if going to a Concert/Event at MH don't even think of getting out of there on time..unless you arrive at 4 p.m!!

      2. Fran's invented the Banquet burger.

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