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Nov 22, 2009 09:55 AM

Oriental Express Food / Lucky L & LWC Mall -- another Chinese mini-mall in Flushing

Has anybody tried anything from here?

All the action seems to be going on towards the back where a host of breads, bings, buns, and scallion pancakes are on display.

I got two slices of a big, thick (like 1" high) fluffy scallion pancake that heated up nicely in the oven later on. I understand that the stall in the back used to be in the J&L Mall. Sheng Jian Muslim Little Kitchen. Here's the menu:

Has anybody else tried something from this stall or any of the others?

There's also a noodle? soup vendor nearby:

J&L Mall
41-82 Main St, Queens, NY 11355

Oriental Express Food
41-40 Main St, Queens, NY 11355

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  1. ya the muslim stand has amazingly rich pancake things; some with sweet filling, some salty and lardy and savory; as well as the "big breads" that many of the dumpling places in chinatown use when making the beef sandwiches. their steamed buns are good as well and their dofu-nao is very popular, although I don't like it. $2.25 for a tall takeaway container which is a great price. I've also gotten their stewed beef tendon; it was aight.

    I've never gotten anything else from the place but the soup vendor near the front looks good; he has hand-pulled, dao-xiao, couple other things but he never has business so the soup toppings and ingredients always look like they been sitting out forever.