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Nov 22, 2009 09:12 AM

Burmese Tea Leaf Salad and Dim Sum @ Ton Kiang (San Francisco)

In January my mom and I had a pleasant lunch at Ton Kiang. No real surprises, service was good as usual and I ordered the two items I think they do well, chicken feet and nai wong bao, and was happy with those. Other items were hit and miss, which has been my typical experience here over the years.

But I thought I’d post because I had a chance to try the Burmese tea leaf salad that’s served during lunch time. The plates are composed as shown, and come around on the trays. Quite a bland version with little garlic, lemon juice, or fish sauce, here’s the photo.
Tea leaf salad -

Best item of this lunch was the asparagus (note that they're peeled) with a light sesame dressing and a few slivers of hot red chilis. Juicy and cooked just right, even in the off season. That plate of seven spears set us back $6. Har gau were rewarmed and not fresh, bean curd roll was ok.

Shrimp and spinach dumplings – Pretty with delicate see-through wrappers, but missing in the flavor department.

Talons of the phoenix – The chicken feet here have been consistently one of my favorite versions. Well-cooked and spicy hot.

Egg custard rice cakes – One of my must orderes, chewy mochi caked filled with eggy custard and pan-fried. A bit greasier this time than usual.

Sesame balls – We ended on a bad note. My mom had asked more than one server for these and after a long wait, a plate finally came to the table. One would think they’d be freshly fried, but no, these were barely warm and doughy rather than crispy. Blech.

Ton Kiang
5821 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94121

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  1. I also love the chicken feet here. On my visit, the har gow was also excellent, and the siu mai and rice noodle roll with shrimp were good.

    The portion of tea leaves looks rather skimpy.

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      I think the seasoning of the chicken feet show the Hakka background of this restaurant. Yes, the tea leaves dabbed on the plate was about a small spoonful. I don't recall how much that specific dish was. For the two of us, lunch was $42 including tax and tip.