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Nov 22, 2009 08:55 AM

Red Deer Restaurants - open Sunday?

Can anyone help - La Pasa Pergola website under construction, voicemail not working. Are they open Sundays? What time? What is the price range? Kid friendly? Do they take reservations?

Passing through Red Deer tonight, looking for decent place for early (5:30pm) dinner.

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  1. having the same problem with It's All Greek to Me. No message on Voicemail stating what their hours are. Does anyone know if they are open on Sundays? thanks!

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    1. re: cleopatra999

      pretty sure both restaurants are open on sundays.

    2. Sorry I missed the thread - for the next time someone is coming through on a Sunday:

      Restaurant 27: 3301-50 Ave
      Shiso Japanese Restaurant:3731-50 Avenue

      and possibly Las Palmeras Restaurant 3630 50th Av (no website) but a local
      blog lists them as being open noon-9:00pm ph: (403) 346-8877

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      1. re: maplesugar

        its all greek to me was open, we thoroughly enjoyed it :)

        1. re: cleopatra999

          Ah, that's the one spot on Gaetz/50th that I was forgetting. Glad to hear you found somewhere to go. I'll have to give it a try myself.

          Today I'm off to find La Tienda Latina and see what gems it has to offer. It's be nice to find a place nearby that does ceviche so I don't need to drive down to Salsita :)