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Nov 22, 2009 07:51 AM

cooking classes in chicago: in more than one session, learn pro techniques?

I have been looking for cooking classes since I have watched a show where they were showing someone taking weekend leisurely classes at le cordon bleu in Paris...

There are a LOT of options but I am lost... not really finding what I want

Is there a class you can think of that would be such as:
a several weeks class like a 14 weeks block or something
on the weekend
where to learn basic pro skills

I am not looking to get a degree, just to really start at the basics and learn how to do things like the pro (well not really like the pros but you know what I mean :)...)


fyi: i am in evanston but willing to travel...

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    1. re: ferret

      HI thanks for the link
      I actuallya lready looked. but I noticed that it was either themes classes or "pro"classes
      no mention of the homecook wanting to learn pro skills
      under the pro section there does not seem to be a spot for anyone not wanting to take class for career purpose?

      1. re: kirikara

        There's no "in-between" in the city that I know of. Your other option is to contact some of the private chefs in town who do catering, demos and instruction and see if they can match your needs:

    2. I wanted to improve my knife skills, so I took a one day course at Kendall College in Beginning knife skills, then intermediate, then advanced. Macy's also has good classes and I have heard good things about The Chopping Block. You can also enroll in Washburn Culinary Institute's Certificate Program for Basic Training. Many culinary schools offer "adult education" one day classes, but they are not going to go too far because their enrolled students pay tuition to achieve similar skills. I would check out the one day classes at Kendall College, they have been fun and educational for me.

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      1. re: ccoope04

        Good topic.
        And ccoope04? Great Info,the Kendall College "spice up your life" classes are just what i'm looking for.