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Nov 22, 2009 07:19 AM

going to Craigie tonight ,11/22

If you've been recently, what's particularly good?

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  1. Don't miss the pig tails.

    1. If they still offer the salad of hiramasa sashimi (an appetizer), that dish is divine!

      1. You may know this already but on Sunday nights they offer a prix fixe dinner. Supposed to be a good deal.
        I agree on the pigs tails..i'm not big on pork but even I have to admit these were good...

        1. The menu changes near-daily, so it is hard to give menu "must haves."

          Appetizers: hiramasa sashimi, pâté plate, grilled veal sweetbread with pomegranate, grilled octopus, and scallop & beat sashimi are all excellent.

          Mains: Veal two-ways, guanciale-wrapped sword fish, and steak with bone marrow are equally excellent. My biggest smile came from the scallops and razor claims with curry oil, which had intense layers of flavor and perfectly-cooked scallops.

          yumyum's recommendation for the pigtails is spot-on, although those are on the bar menu and not the main menu. Don't be shy in ordering them if you are sitting at the bar; they aren't the pig's little squiggly tail, but the tailbone, with deep, intense porky meat.

          Cocktails are all excellent.

          I'd recommend ordering off the market menu, or even getting the Craigie Experience (tasting menu). If you go late enough (after 9PM) you can get the Chef's Whim, which is offered at a nice price point: $39 for 4 courses, $55 for 6.

          Whatever you get, enjoy! Craigie on Main is among my favorite restaurants, anywhere.

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          1. re: rlove

            Just looked this up as we have a reservation for tomorrow. One question: can my husband wear black jeans and a nice shirt / leather jacket? We're just coming into town for a meeting and don't feel like packing.
            And can you, should you eat at the bar - we're big fans of eating at the bar, but I see there's a different menu.
            I have to add, we're ex-New Yorkers and we've had to come into Boston several times recently for a project and are really enjoying your city, dining and otherwise! This will be our first time staying in Cambridge, so I'm really looking forward to it.

            1. re: onthelam

              Dark jeans and a nice shirt are a perfect fit. While nice, the restaurant is laid back.

              I highly recommend sitting at the bar, particularly if you intend to enjoy the bar staff's' excellent cocktails. You can order off of the regular menu and the bar menu, so do not worry about that.

          2. crispy smelts, nantucket bay scallops, pigs head