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Nov 22, 2009 07:17 AM

Tanoreen: NO downhill alert!

There was chatter of a possible Tanoreen downhill alert on the Sue Perette thread. I did myself a favor and got over there last night. To my delight, Rawia IS back in the kitchen and serving her usual fare of -perfect- authentic Middle Eastern food. Large portion, fresh ingredients and the infamous Tanoreen spice are mixed lovingly into all her dishes. My wife and I ate 5 app platters and called it a night: Musakkan, Labneh, Eggplant Napoleon, and the best Brusell Sprout dish I've ever eaten- fried and caramelized and chilled with tons of garlic.

If you read her reviews ( proudly and loudly displayed on the website and the walls of her restaurant) its hard to disagree with the superlatives. Its in a class of its own above the Atlantic Avenue baba houses, Zaytoons, Olive Vine, Fatoosh etc. This is food your Middle Eastern Mom would make, but better.

7523 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

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  1. Since I was the one that said it was uneven the last several visits, this is nice to know. Just for the record, however, I did say that the apps were not the issue for us, the mains being cooked in the kitchen were... since you didnt order any, there's still some doubt but, since you said that Raiwa was in the kitchen, I'm more than willing to put it back on my short list. Thanks.

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      There were many mains coming out to our neighboring tables. They looked pretty inspired. Having Raiwa in the kitchen was reassuring. The place has a different vibe when she is around...