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Nov 22, 2009 07:09 AM

Another great meal at Bocado's in Worcester! Great Deal on their gift cards too!

Just wanted to post that we had a fabulous time at Bocado's in Worcester last night. There were six of us and ordered their tastings menu for 4 and 2. This allowed us to choose 15 tapas as well as two different kinds of paella.

We chose items including duck, veal, shrimp, kobe beef, and goat cheese among many others. All were absolutely fantastic and we had a great time sharing. Our waiter was great and encouraged us to take our time and linger. By the time he delivered our paellas we couldn't eat another bite. We were there enjoying our meal for almost three hours. Great time had by all.

Highly recommend this place!

They are also offering their gift certificates at a discount. You can purchase a $100 gift card for $75. (Can't use it that night though.)

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  1. Bocado (no 's) is great. I love their deviled eggs and the tortilla!