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Nov 22, 2009 06:46 AM

Gratzi -Ann Arbor - Bad meal a fluke or trend?

We went there recently with friends and the dinning experience was subpar. This has been my wifes favorite dinning place but this time everything was off. From the appetiser to main course it was mediocre. It was a Saturday night. For what we paid I would rather try other places next time. We haven't been there in year or so. Has Gratzi lost its edge or did we just get a bad night?

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  1. I've never had a great meal at Gratzi...but it sounds like you my opinion doesn't count for much.

    1. Funny ... I had several bad ones, and then my last one was great. I think we can safely say they're uneven, but you can get a fine meal there at times.

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        Agree with Jim, as they are definitely uneven. I find their specials to be generally very good, but I think the restaurant as a whole gets overwhelmed on the weekends/busy times. And hey, every kitchen turns out a bad meal now and then. However, the one thing I have had a problem with at Gratzi that I cannot excuse is the staff arguing over whether the meal is bad. My employers took me out to Gratzi a while ago. The boss didn't like her chicken parm and the waitress argued that there was nothing wrong with it and it was "award winning." I don't care how many awards it won, if it's not good and the customer doesn't like it, take away the offending plate and replace it with the customer's second choice IMMEDIATELY. Unfortunately that only happened after arguing with the waitress and then the floor manager.

        1. re: charlesbois

          Yep, this all clicks. The waitstaff can be snooty. On the plus side, it was indeed a special that impressed me last time I was there. It was a hanger steak--not a common dish in restaurants here, perfectly cooked, and totally worth putting up with the less satisfying experiences for.

      2. I've never liked the place. Once they served me quail that, well, let's say they'd been hung way too long.

        Most days "mediocre" would be an improvement.