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Nov 22, 2009 05:56 AM

St. Lawrence Market

Years ago i was a regular at SLM. Then I moved out to the burbs. Over the years it became much easier to buy quality meats and veggies without having to make the drive downtown. In particular I have been most impressed by the quality and value of the offerings at Costco. I happened to be in the SLM area yesterday and decided to pick up some steaks from there for old times sake .I purchased Delmomica ribeyes. To make a long story short, we were disappointed. The steaks were tender enough but lacked flavor. The butcher (Upper Cut) had a sign saying the beef was "aged 14 days" which in my view is nothing to brag about. I noticed that other vendors had similar signs at their stalls. Has the quality of the beef at SLM gone down over the years or is it a case of my palate changing? Are there some butchers that are better than others in terms of the beef they sell? I would really like to start going back to the SLM but yesterday's experience was not encouraging.

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  1. If I buy meat at St. Lawrence Market I buy it at White House Meats, especially steaks. Their Top Meadow beef is aged at least 28 days if I remember correctly. It is a decent quality steak with good flavour.

    If you want a premium steak, in my experience its not to be had at SLM or Costco. Cumbraes, Healthy Butcher and Medium Rare are my go to places for premium quality steaks, of course at premium prices. For more every day steaks White House has never disappointed me.

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      We've had great meat and service at La Boucherie over the past couple years. Can't speak specifically to steaks, though, as we don't have a grill.

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        I have never had a bad cut of meat from La Boucherie. I love their meats.

    2. If I buy meat there it's usually something I can't get normally. I love the tri tips from Whiteveen and the place directly across the aisle has excellent lamb steaks.

      Mostly I'm there for seafood though.


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        Thanks to all for their suggestions. I will give these other butchers a try. BTW i agree with JPJ about cumbrae. Medium Rare is also on my list of places to try. I would imagine that it would be hard to beat Cumbraes though.