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Nov 22, 2009 05:40 AM

Animal Rib Eye for Two - Greatest Steak Ever?

It certainly has to be in the running. We were there last night with a party of 7. Their rib eye for 2 was both one of the biggest steaks I have every seen and it was one of the most flavorful, tender and perfectly medium rare. I guess for $80 it should be! The entire meal was great. They certainly have the service component down pat. Very friendly, very efficient and cooperative. Ashley gets 500 atta girl for her exemplary job.

We had the following. In order of preference by my taste buds the absolute standouts were the rib eye and the sweetbreads. I would get 2 orders of sweetbreads for myself next time if they were on the menu.

1 - heirloom tomato, ginger vinaigrette 6
1 - pig ear, chili, lime, fried egg 10
1 - lettuce, beets, avocado, pita, feta, creamy sumac 10
1 - barbeque pork belly sandwiches, slaw 10
1 - sweetbreads, creamed spinach, capers, hen of the woods 12
1 - duck confit, dates, arugula, pecans, sherry vinaigrette, apple 14
1 - poutine, oxtail gravy, cheddar 15

2 - pork shoulder with red beans and greens
2 - flat iron, artichoke hash, truffle parmesan fondue 25
1 - foie gras loco moco, quail egg, spam, hamburger 35
1 - rib eye for two, escargot butter, mash, brussels sprouts 80

2 - joe’s doughnuts, cinnamon sugar, caramel 7

Plus a couple of glasses of prosecco and a bottle of Pinot Grigio and other assorted ice teas, coffee's and a couple of cokes. The did include an 18% gratuity of the bill (which was well earned) and we were out the door for $510 (+/- a couple of bucks).

Great evening and wonderful restaurant.

435 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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  1. We were there last night as well. But only party of two. Agreed those sweetbreads were excellent. Really pleased with the service, wines & food.

    1. Hi Servorg,

      Nice! :) Thanks for the review and info on the new Rib Eye. I can already imagine what a succulent Rib Eye in the hands of Animal would be like. I can't wait. :)

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      1. re: exilekiss

        It was 28 oz of breathtaking Flintstonian art. Beautifully marbled, outside charred to perfection and inside so juicy it was like a cross between a steak and an overripe plum. Really over the top in an "Oh my God, what did I order" sort of way. It would have easily fed 3 or even 4 people if they had appetizers too.