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Nov 22, 2009 04:41 AM

Inox or 2941?

My husband and I are celebrating a special occasion and are trying to decide between Inox and 2941. We went to 2941 a few years ago when Jonathan Krinn was still the executive chef but haven't been back since. Which would you choose?

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  1. Setting: 2941
    Service: tie
    Food: Just when I think 2941 is playing it safe by relying too heavily on predictable modern classics, I eat something innovative there that absolutely blows me away. The first meal I ate at Inox off its regular menu was pleasant enough, but not the caliber I remembered from Krinn's days at 2941. Now, Krinn has front of the house duties and his partner Jon Mathieion is the chef. Since the transition, we've eaten two special meals there -- the Julia Child classics and the Game Tasting meal -- that were just amazing.

    I don't think you' can go wrong at either place. Look at their respective menus online and see if one or the other speaks to you more.

    1. I haven't eaten at either in the past 5 months, but from Inox in May and 2941 in April, I thought the cooking at 2941 was ok, but nothing close to Inox. The flavor profiles and creativity at Inox was much higher. Wine service is very nice at both, decor is better at 2941. But out of the five entrees I tried at our dinner at 2941 only one was stellar, the starter menu didn't have many interesting choices and the desserts were ok. The menu at Inox was creative and of the four entrees I tried 3 were really good and this was in their first months of opening, desserts were incredible, the financier was great. So if it was my money I would go to Inox.

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          1. I have considered myself to be a loyal follower of Krinn, so it pains me to say that the last couple of meals I have had at Inox have not been good. In fact, far from it. The last time I ate there (and it will be the last time I eat there) literally everything was under-seasoned. They might have gotten away with that, but the diver scallop, which I normally adore, was far from catch-of-the day fresh. I was also annoyed that although we ordered a bottle of moderately expensive wine we were not offered the customary sample for approval. They merely poored two glasses at the table! Certainly not the service we had enjoyed in the past.

            Krinn was evident in the dining room for much of the course of the meal. His touch was certainly missed in the kitchen, and perhaps if he every returns to the kitchen I might consider going back. Until then, I'm afraid I won't be back.