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Nov 22, 2009 04:36 AM

All-Clad nonstick loaf pans

Hi all, I have one of these pans that I love. It's stainless steel, 8x4" and has a sort of golden-colored interior. I wanted to buy some more pans in this line but I can't find them anywhere - not even on the All-Clad website. Have they been discontinued? Can anyone suggest an alternative??

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  1. Partly answered my own question and am posting info here just in case anyone else wants to find these pans. The bad news: you can't find them. The line was called Gold Standard and they are discontinued. I am so sad...just made a fruitcake in my only pan, with a recipe that my family has made for years. Everyone swore it was the best we've ever had. I'm sure it was the pan.


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      You can also look at the William Sanoma line of gold-touch bakeware. I'm really happy with all the pieces I have.

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        Thanks jenhen. I bought a couple of the gold-touch pans, and while they're not *quite* as good as the All-Clad gold standard (the aforementioned fruitcake came out wee bit overcooked) they are pretty darned good and, of course, much less expensive. Thanks for the rec :-)

    2. Try eBay. It's often a useful source for discontinued stuff.

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