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Nov 22, 2009 03:02 AM

bistro rolling-pelham

recently ate there, place is well done, light woods, nice bar, food is just fair, onion soup good, potato soup not, good salads, fish dish mediocre, gnocchi fair, service fair, would I go back, no

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  1. Haven't eaten there, but Bistro Rollin got a reasonably good write up in the NY Times Westchester section today.

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    1. re: Nancy C

      i see that, doesnt mean much to me. I ate there, food was mundane, and boring imho, I wont go back-thanks

    2. Live in Pelham and have gone once. I enjoyed my dinner quite a bit. Had the frisee with lardons to start and the double cut pork chop. Both plates were delicious. Wine list leaves a lot to be desired. Pelham certainly benefits from a place like Rollin though: elegant, well-prepared food, somewhat sophisticated ambiance. One last thing, don't expect a Manhattan type of experience. Bistro Rollin's main clientele is composed by the older set. We're in our early 30s; couple we went with are in their mid to late 30s. We were the youngest people there on a Friday night by a good 25 years. Not exactly a kicking scene.

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      1. re: rieslinglover

        was there on a sturday night, scene was interesting yes lots of older folks, and lots of same sex folks...doesnt concern me either way, what is a concern is the food, it is flat, boring, and mediocre imho