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Nov 21, 2009 11:54 PM

Best Restaurantants for Foodists in Dupont / Logan Circle / Thomas Circle

Anyone have thoughts on really great restaurants in the Dupont / Logan Circle / Thomas Circle area? I find myself traveling from here to other parts of DC for great food - often to Penn Quarter (Central, Rasika, Oyamel etc), and I would like to find some similar quality restaurants closer to home.

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  1. Two of the very best restaurants in their respective cuisine are in Dupont, next door to each other: Komi and Sushi Taro. Unfortunately it costs $100+ per person to enjoy either one.

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      Bar Pilar on 14th continues to impress me with fabulous small plates served in a rather dingy bar. Don't be put off by the surroundings. The food rocks.

      1. re: dcandohio

        Awesome, I will try it out :) Thank you

    2. Komi and Obelisk are the 2 best restaurants in this area but on the much higher end.

      For more affordable restaurants check out: Cork, Heritage, Hank's Oyster Bar, and Tabard Inn are all good choices. I don't know if I would call them the same quality of Rasika and Central but they are still quote good and affordable restaurants.

      1. For some reason it seems generally overlooked, but the Greek place Mourayo, between R and S on CT, is very good in my experience. Very interesting greek wines, rather updated but still quite recognizably greek food--eg the platter of different dips. Not cheap though, although not in the Komi/Obelisk level.

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          Hi Brian,
          I have been to Mourayo and I felt like the atmosphere was very disappointing - the waiter was just pained to be there, the service was forced, and while the food was good, it was not the best Greek food I've had (admittedly I have not been to other Greek restaurants in DC).

        2. Logan/14th - Cork, Posto, Rice,
          Thomas - Sentan, Nage
          Dupont - Sushi Taro, Komi, Obelisk.

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            I think it's Zentan. It's quite good though, especially with a group of people so you can share from their large menu. I always forget about that place....thanks for the reminder.

          2. Al Tiramisu in Dupont. Awesome northern italian food...amazing risotto (I'd even put it up against risottos from Italy, having had both).
            Sakana - for sushi. Haven't been to Sushi Taro so can't say how it compares. But Sakana is very good, especially their crunchy rolls.
            Bistro du Coin - Casual french bistro, north of dupont circle. Good fois gras, and mussles and fries!

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              I'm also a fan of Bistrot du Coin. Excellent mussels. Casual atmosphere. The restaurant is quite bustling during peak hours, but interestingly, I don't feel turned off by it even though I would for any other restaurant.

              1. re: IND520

                Ugh: I'm a dissenter on the Bistro du Coin rec. In my experience, very mediocre food and legendarily abusive/neglectful service.

                Strongly agree with the Cork, Hank's, and Tabard Inn recs. These are neighborhood gems.

                1. re: DC in DC

                  Bistro du Coin is fantastic. Great steak du maison with some delicious pomme frites. Fun atmosphere. Cheap champagnes by the glass and bottle.