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Nov 21, 2009 10:17 PM

Oh my Congee...

Where to get good congee? Especially those with century eggs...anybody know?
I live close to downtown, so preferably someplace in the vicinity...

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    1. Not downtown, but a relatively quick trip over to the San Gabriel Valley...

      Lu's Garden
      534 E. Valley Blvd. #12, San Gabriel; (626) 280-5883.

      Taiwanese style congee (with diced sweet potatoes) and a bar offering a couple of dozen items one can choose to mix in, including century egg w/tofu & dried pork. Open very late.

      1. Yum Cha Cafe on Broadway. $2.99 a bowl. They do a good job.
        Otherwise most dim sum places will also serve it.
        Ask for "pei dan jook".

        Yum Cha Cafe
        638 N Broadway (right by the dragon sculpture that goes over Broadway)
        Los Angeles, CA 90012-2802
        (213) 617-8698

        1. Jonathan Gold used to like the congee at Mayflower, back when it was where Zen Mei Bistro is now. I've found that both restaurants currently serve an acceptable version.

          1. Tasty Garden in Arcadia.