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Nov 21, 2009 09:35 PM

Looking for Tres Leches cake

Can you suggest a bakery / panadería or restaurant that sells memorable Tres Leches cake? I prefer locations in southeast LA County (Long Beach, Lakewood, Hawaiian Gardens, Bellflower, Downey, Lynwood...) or nearby OC (Cypress, Los Alamitos...).

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    1. I noticed Animal in Hollywood has it on their menu too.

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        Hollywood and Burbank seem a bit out of the desired area. See if there's a Vallarta Market down there. Some of them (not all) have a pretty good tres leches.

      2. Liborio Market makes a good one. I think there is one in the Huntington Park/Bell area.

        1. Superior Market has a great tres leche cake. We recently had the tl cake with bavarian cream filling and whipped cream frosting for a reitrement party. Everyone raved about this cake. Not too sweet and extremely moist.

          5450 Cherry Ave.
          Long Beach

          1033 Long Beach Blvd.
          Long Beach

          6010 Pacific Blvd.
          Huntington Park

          1. it's not in ur preferred area and it's not a bakery but seriously... animal has AWESOME tres leches.