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Nov 21, 2009 09:29 PM

Golden Shopping Mall Update - New Stalls

The lower level of vendors now appears like this...once you head down the stairs, starting from the left and going clockwise:

Stall 31 Chengdu Heaven
Stall 32 Satisfactory Wenzhou
Stall 33 Guizhou Beef and Lamb Meat Rice and Wheat Noodle House

Stall 15 _____
I don't know the name, it looked like a hot pot place and they had a meat slicer, can anybody help identify? It's got a larger dining area with real tables/booths and a mesh ceiling.

Stall 16 Wenzhou Ju Family Mini Meal aka Wenzhou Zhu Ji Xiao Chi

Then a NEW (?) room with people eating hot pot past stall 16 -- IIRC this room used to be empty/closed. Also, it looked like servers from Stall 15 were rushing back and forth to this new room:

Then comes:
Stall 38 House of Xie
Stall 36 Xian Famous Foods
Stall 1A Nan Bei Dumplings

Then, inside the DVD store, a seating area for the NEW stall 36A.

Stall 36A *NEW*

Continuing onwards clockwise

Stall 27 Lanzhou Hand Pulled Noodles

Stall 29 *NEW*
formerly Happy Family, now with new signage and menu

Stall 30 *NEW* used to be a purse/handbag shop if I recall correctly
Mi Ni Sweet Food

Photos of all stalls as of Nov 2009:

Previous map done by someone else:

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  1. Thanks for the update and photos. Stall 15 says Niu Rou Mian - Beef Noodles. Stall 36A is called Tai Ji and says it is Authentic Shanghainese Food.

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    1. re: scoopG

      Awesome, thanks, any more details on #29 and #30?

      1. re: kathryn

        29 - Their main sign says:

        "A Xu" Seafood Store

        Cooked and Stir-Fried Appetizers

        30: The main sign in yellow lists their specialties....from left to right:

        Henan Flavors.......All Kinds of ?.....Spicy Diced Chicken Rice Dishes

        ? ............ ?........... Beef Noodles ...... Lamb something...

    2. I had an enjoyable plate of won tons at Stall 36A. I don't have the expertise to identify the filling or fresh/frozen. A slight amount of spicy sauce was added. It was garnished with some bits of something on top. Different than a Sichuan won ton with lots of pepper sauce.

      Thanks for the report. 29 and 30 look appealing.

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        1. re: kathryn

          Yes. very similar. I believe that I answer "yes" to spicy? at White Bear and receive more pepper sauce. I recall more pepper sauce at White Bear. Stall 36A was stingier with the bits on top and sauce.

      1. awesome listing kathryn!

        i'll report that the famous liang peir at xian has fallen off slightly over time since its mention in that great interactive nytimes piece that had us all running over to golden mall. there is less variety of noodles, etc on the plate. nevertheless its still a mighty tasty dish and i am still there every other friday afternoon inhaling them as usual.

        otoh landzhou continues as usual. i had the mutton bowl recently and it was a good as ever. nothing beats eating a warm tasty bowl of fresh noodles while watching them reappear magically as they stretch & bang the dough on the counter, it's hypnotic theater.

        1. Great work Kathryn. I've been making trips out there every couple of weeks but my ability to explore is pretty limited because of the language barrier. Did you try "Guizhou Beef and Lamb Meat Rice and Wheat Noodle House"? It sounds intriguing.

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          1. re: craig_g

            Let's suppose for a moment that I don't eat beef or pork and I'd like to enjoy seafood and vegetable specialties. Can you direct me to any stalls or provide any menu shots/photos of suitable items to order?

            1. re: famdoc

              Tofu and fish at Stall 31. Other soy gelatin kind of dish. Just vehicles for pepper sauce.

              Stall 32 has some type of fish tempura in noodle soup. I believe that they also serve a cold potato salad.

              Stall 36 is notable for Liang Pi noodles and "Tiger Vegetables".

          2. Eternally grateful for this roadmap. Fish paste soup at #32 was fantastic. Thanks.