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Nov 21, 2009 08:37 PM

Mini cheesecake bites for frozen yogurt - where to buy?

I love making frozen yogurt (thank you, David Lebovitz). Plain tart frozen yogurt topped with fruit—delicious! However, I especially enjoy my frozen yogurt topped with mini cheesecake bites. You know, the kind you get at places like Yogurtland (see photo). Any idea as to where one can buy these cheesecake bites? The closest thing I've been able to find are those Sara Lee cheesecake bites, which are decent—but I prefer the smaller size and thin "crust" coating of the cheesecake bites available at yogurt places.

Thanks in advance for any tips...

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  1. You could make your own cheesecake bites by making your favorite recipe and dicing it up small. Don't use a springform pan but use a sheet pan instead. You'll have to adjust the cooking time but that shouldn't be a big deal.

    Alternatively, ask your yogurt shop if they could let you buy some from them. They might be willing to sell you a box, if you're nice about it. We've done something similar several times.

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      You could make it yourself, but you'd definitely need a very dense, less creamy recipe, as you're going to cut it into cubes that need to retain their shape, and not give in under the pressure of the yogurt/ice cream. I know you can freeze the cheesecake before slicing, but I still think a firmer recipe is better, perhaps from ricotta cheese. And of course try a square pan, and fill it not very high...

    2. Sara Lee makes them. In the frozen section. Never tried them, but I'm sure you could chop them up. Looks like they have chocolate on them.

      It also came up with another kind, served in a small tub. Never seen them, but check the freezer/dessert section.

      I've seen recipes where you just make mini cheesecakes in small muffin pans, but I'm also wondering if you could just buy a cheesecake, chop it up and freeze the small pieces.