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Nov 21, 2009 07:59 PM

What brand or type of potato peeler do you prefer?

I just have a generic, inexpensive peeler, but I want something better. What do you use?

generic potato peeler

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  1. I had a very inexpensive one too. Well, before worrying about brand, I would ask you to decide on the type first. There is the straight peeler, which your current peeler is, and there is the Y-peeler. A lot of people swear by their Y-peelers, but the fact that Y-peelers are the less popular ones mean most people do not agree. Still, you need to decide your style. Here are some Y-peelers:

    Borrow one and force yourself to use a Y-peeler (it will takes some use to) and after a week or two, you should able to decide which style you like better.

    1. I prefer a Y-peeler. I used to use the Oxo brand one but I kept slicing through my fingernails so now I just use a ceramic one.

        1. re: Channa

          ABSOLUTELY!!! I love my Kuhn Rikon and would never go back to any other peeler. I have also given it to a bunch of people who love it, too, and have given it as a gift to others!!!
          I had been using the Oxo peeler, and liked it a lot... until I got the Kuhn Rikon. This is so much better.

          1. re: bxgirl

            I love them myself and always have them in my kitchens

        2. I like the Kyocera ceramic Y-peelers. Nice design, comfortable to use, stay sharp, don't rust, cheap.

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          1. re: tanuki soup

            This is so weird. Considering that straight peeler is the more popular design, we have three people in a row advocating the Y-peelers. Hmm.

            1. re: tanuki soup

              tanuki soup: "the Kyocera ceramic Y-peelers"

              Watasi mo!