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Nov 21, 2009 07:37 PM

Student - 48 hours - near the financial district - looking for burgers/deli/bbq

Hey everyone,

I'll be in NY for an interview and will have some down time. I'm near the financial district (water street) and have never been to the city before.

I'm a student (no Per Se, please) looking for some good comfort food. A couple ideas I have so far are Katz's (obvious reasons) and Kool Bloo.

Looking for places preferably nearby offering the types of food mentioned above, but I can be flexible if a must-try comes along. How's delivery anyways? Is it just easier to pick up the food yourself given traffic?

Appreciate any suggestions! Thanks in advance.

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  1. Kool bloo is definitely comfort food.
    Everything is fried and greasy.
    "traffic" in NYC does not effect delivery. These guys plow through everyone and everything on their bikes. I wouldnt be too concerned about that.
    Financial District is limited. IMO
    There's pj clarke's
    Mad Dog and Beans
    Jubilee market is open 24 hours

    1. Shake Shack has the best burger in town. I go there even when I'm not on a budget. It's at Madison Square Park (so not Financial District), but it's an easy and short ride on the subway. Worth making the effort!

      1. personally, for burgers, i don't like thin fast foodie burgers, so no shake shack for me, i prefer the burgers you get at almost any coffee shop (diner) to shake shack.

        for BBQ i would travel across the entire island and go to dinosaur on 131 and 12th ave. subways are a breeze in NYC, no worries, really.

        Delivery is great in NYC - my chinese food on sunday night came in 11 minutes.

        KAtz's is a god choice for deli.