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Nov 21, 2009 07:11 PM

ISO Not so Sweet, no Corn Syrup Pecan Pie

I did a search and a thread came up about this, but the link was broken, so I'm perfectly happy to read that thread if someone can send me over there...but in the meantime -

I used to adore pecan pie, but ever since we started eating more healthily a few years ago, my tried and true Karo recipe just tastes too sweet and cloying. I'm finally biting the bullet and changing to a new recipe for the first time in, oh, fifty years, since Mom only used the Karo recipe too.

Here's what I'd like: a traditional pecan pie that's heavy on the pecans, both in flavor in number - I'd like it to taste more like sweetened pecans than nut-flavored syrup. No chocolate or cranberries or caramel or other acoutrements, though I do like it with bourbon, and I don't have the counter space to make a pie crust, so I have to use pre-bought. Also, I won't be able to do a dry run before Turkey Day, so I'd appreciate only recipes that have actually been tried and tasted, rather than ideas, etc.

Thanks so much, chowhounders!

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  1. I haven't tried this one myself but if you're willing to be a pioneer:,1937,...

    1. you can do it pretty easily by subbing a brown sugar solution for the corn syrup. personally i might use some brown rice syrup to increase the viscosity.

      Candy provides her recipe within the body of her post/query...

      or you can try this one (though i can't vouch for it):

      1. Lately I've switched to Mark Bittman's (from How To Cook Everything) pecan pie. I found it on the web here. (about half way down the page)

        As he remarks in the book "If you ever taste corn syrup on its own you would never cook with it again"

        It tastes "traditional" and nutty. Probably a lot more like what our great grandmothers would have made.

        1. I made this one a couple of years ago and really liked the flavor - I thought the maple with the pecans was delicious. I used 2 c. of pecans instead of the 1 1/2 c. listed in the recipe. However, it was still fairly sweet (not too sweet to me and not as sweet as the "classic", but still quite sweet). Given your taste preferences listed above, you may want to cut back on the custard a bit and increase the pecans even more.

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            I've made t6his, too (also increasing the pecans) and I also liked the flavor, but found it very intense and rich, so a little piece was enough.

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              Someone brought a pie cooked from that recipe to our Thanksgiving last year and I absolutely loved it. I love pecan pie but am, like the OP, wary of using corn syrup in my own cooking.


              With much written about living w/out corn syrup, this article answered the pecan pie dilemma for me.

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                The modifed recipe within the article has a custard-like base.