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LongHorn Steakhouse coming to North Haven, CT- Worth getting excited about?

Anyone ever eat at this chain?
Worth getting excited about?

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  1. As a bit of a barbecue/Southern foods aficionado, I'd say bluntly that this place is pretty much a joke. Passing off sub-par, grilled, tough cuts as "Texas food" gets my proverbial goat, especially considering how unbelievable the food is in the longhorn state. Judging by other chains, though, it might not be truly awful. Personally, if you're into this sort of thing, I'd recommend Googling "barbecue smoking"- buy yourself a smoker and you may find yourself lost in a world of great American food you never even knew existed.

    1. It's ok, nothing to write home about. I have been to the Shelton location a few times. Between Outback and LongHorn, I prefer Outback. Not worth waiting in a long line to get in either.

      1. The chili can be okay. I've never had anything else that was worthwhile.

        1. I don' understand aeranis mention of barbeque...that's not what Longhorn is going for. They grill steaks & chops. I find them to serve food as good or better than Outback, with better service & cheaper prices. They also make a killer burger & are not afraid to serve it to you with a lot of pink in the middle if that's they way you order it.


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            Well, he''s an "aficionado", and I'm not going to question the assertion... here I was dumb enough to think that there was not only some grilled meat to be found in Texas, but that, there might even be some tough cuts of meat found there occasionally. Silly me.

            To the OP, it's very similar to Outback in terms of prices and menu choices, which may or may not be your thing, but I figure anytime your number of local dining options goes up, that's a good thing.

          2. Not worth the excitement, ceratinlt not worth the price,
            For a family chain steakhouse, you get a better meal at far better prices at Texas Roadhouse in West Haven.

            I have eaten at Longhorn in three states and find the meat tough, the prices high and the selection mediocre

            1. My husband loves the Wild West Shrimp appetizer.

              1. I like my steak prepared with just a little salt and pepper - no butter (for taste and caloric reasons). I used to go to Longhorn and always requested my steak be prepared minus the "luv." "Luv" is what they call the buttery sauce they ladle on many menu items. Several times over the years I went there, I'd end up sending my steak back because they'd poured that sauce on it. Finally, a manager was honest with me and told me that only two of their steaks, the porterhouse and the ribeye, are cooked on a grill. The rest are all cooked on a flattop with that butter sauce. You can order it without the extra dollop they scoop on before serving but it's going to be cooked in the sauce. They earned the nickname, Lyinghorn, from me for all those years of lies by omission.

                If I'm going to have steak at a chain, I much prefer Logan's (not for the ambiance but the food is good) or Lonestar.

                1. Mid level chain. Very much above a Sizzlin or Golden Corral but well below a Capital Grille (owned by Darden, just like Longhorn) or Morton's

                  1. First... Just to reiterate what another poster said.. Longhorn is NOT trying to do Barbecue. The grill fresh steaks, seafood, and chicken.
                    Second... I guarantee all these "tough" steak eaters, have opted for the cheap sirloin, and possibly had it well done. The filet is as good as it gets for casual steakhouses. And the ribeye is perfectly seasoned!
                    Third... Sure go to Texas RH or Lonestar(ha) if you want peanuts stuck to your clothes when you leave.
                    Lastly... A flattop is a grill sir. Just not a 'char' grill. And pricing for all the mentioned restaurants below is within $1 of each other for similar menu items.

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                      As a poster who complained about TOUGH steaks, I have had Ribeye and Porterhouse. I NEVER order 'cheap' sirloin, I detest Top Sirloin anywhere,

                      AND>>>>>>>>I eat my steak rare, NOT well done.

                      Longhorn does not do a good job with these steaks, yes there are no peanut shells, or loud music, but the meal is not very good for the price.

                      Last visit, (I had to go with a business associate who made the choice) I opted for the Longhorn Salmon. The menu says it was flown in fresh, but I wonder how long it sat in the restaurant freezer after arrival. It was totally dry and tasteless.

                      Next time I have to go to Longhorn with a client, I'll opt for a salad and a drink.