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Nov 21, 2009 07:00 PM

best "take away" in Calgary

My friend and I want to order take out. something different, tasty, reasonably priced and not in the N.W or fast food.
It's our girls get together, so we were thinking of even ordering a whole bunch of 'small bites' to pair with our wine. Any suggestions?

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  1. Not in the NW? So Kensington is off limits? Why not say which parts of towns you want?

    Obvious choice is places like Main Dish.

    1. Petoncles what area are you usually in for work/school/home? If we narrow it down to less than three quadrants we can save you some driving.

      Here's where I'd go:

      Sunterra, for quality and depth of selection - more the south store off Bow Tr than the Bankers Hall location
      Main Dish is good too imho - more unique (coloured stuffed pastas for instance)
      Planet Organic for their prepared salads and mains - like their lentil loaf
      Lina's - for their antipasto, deli meats and cakes and cannolies

      1. If you aren't past the limits of Waiters En Route you could get appetizers delivered. Ruan Thai for sate and eggrolls, for example.

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          1. Ok thanks guys. I've narrowed the search down after speaking with my friends.
            Doesn't Main Dish offer more 'deli' selections for a high price?
            Thai sounds great. What else does Ruan Thai have? Vegetarian?
            John- Kensington is not off limits (what are your thoughts on the selection at Main dish?)

            Maplesugar- great suggestions, I agree Lina's has a nice antipasti selection. Have you ever tried (don't know the name) it's anchovies and sun dried tomatoes, and red pepper flakes, that you can spread along on bread or on pizza? fabulous

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              No haven't tried their sundried tomato/anchovie um bruschetta? schmear? I'll have to pick some up next time I'm there. When tomatoes are at their peak I love picking up some of their bocconcini and making my own caprese salad - and Raincoast Crisps are a bit cheaper there than the average grocery store. (only about $0.50-$1 but it adds up if you go through them like we do). I miss Lina's *pout* (but I don't miss Calgary traffic heh)

              Main Dish I like more for breakfast (cheap!) than take away I'm afraid. Last time I was in there I did pick up some bi-colour filled pasta but it definitely came at a premium - I'd put them on the "splurge" for a treat list - they're still cheaper than going out for similar quality food though imho.

              Ruan Thai's menu as posted on Waiters En Route: looks like they have a fair number of vege options.

              Oh, and the other place I like for takeaway, well not quite takeaway because a lot of the main dishes are frozen... Salsita - I'm no authority on Latin food but I like their empanaditas and tamales(take about 20 or so min to steam). On fridays they do shrimp ceviche that I would have seven days a week if I could. They're on Northmount Drive just west of 14th St NW. Not exactly downtown but definitely not that far off the beaten path.