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Nov 21, 2009 05:49 PM

Help! How to cook sausage patties for a crowd of servicemen in my home?

My son is a midshipman at the Naval Academy and is bringing some buddies from there and some Marines home for Thanksgiving. How can I cook several pounds of sausage patties for breakfast at once? Bake? Broil? Do I have to weight them down? HELP! and thanks in advance!

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  1. Can you cook them in advance on an electric grill or BBQ then reheat in the oven when needed? I would think there would be enough fat in them to prevent drying out when reheated.

    1. I'd get a bunch of 'em shaped and put them on a baking sheet at 425 degrees in the oven and drain on paper towels when done. Easier to control how done they get that way and allows you to cook more of them at once than you could do with a frying pan.
      If you don't like baking them you cold use the broiler. I wouldn't want to use the broiler because I'd have to watch them more closely than if they were baked.

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        I agree with you, todao. In this situation, I would bake the patties.

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          Thirded, I worked at a camp serving up to 150 family style (All at the same time) and we baked sausage links and patties. 400 until the pink goes away. Draining on paper towel is good. Since these are active young men, look up now much food to feed your number of guests, then triple it. Seriously. Marines do not leave leftovers.

        2. Depending on how many you'll be serving, why not crumble up the sausage, cook it and then scramble in eggs?