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Nov 21, 2009 05:08 PM

Good Delivery in Queen Anne?

I just moved from NYC where delivery practically kept me alive...and where you could get anything and everything delivered and it arrived hot and delicious (I'm homesick.) I haven't figured out the good delivery places here yet--anyone have suggestions?
I'm looking for thai, tacos, pizza, and sandwiches/burgers.

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  1. I hear you! Unfortunately, QA is a bit of a dead zone for delivery. Lots of great take-out but not a ton of delivery. But here are a few to get you by:
    Pizza - Pagliacci (large chain), Bambino's (belltown, but still hot upon arrival)
    Thai - Thai Kitchen (QA) - not bad
    Italian - On QA used to be Vincenzo's but they moved up the street and changed names (anyone?) food is mediocre at best, but will arrive hot at your door.
    Chinse - Uptown China - Not bad, lower QA

    There are a couple of those dinner-on -the-go type services that will deliver from anywhere that does take out, but i have never used one.

    Would be happy if anyone can add to this list?

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      Is Panda Chinese Rest still in Magnolia ? I lived there many years ago and they did takeout.

    2. I lived in the area and lived off take-out for a while

      Malena's for Mexican (cash only)
      Ototo for Sushi
      Orrapin for Thai
      Uptown China for Chinese
      Viet Ahn for Pho
      Dick's and Kidd Valley for Burgers
      Pagliacci for Pizza
      Whole Foods for Salad bar

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        Note that most of the places above don't deliver, which was the ? of the OP.

      2. Pronto Pizza in Magnolia and Mad Pizza in South Lake Union will both deliver up to the top of the hill.

        Pronto tends to do a better job with smaller pizzas with fewer toppings. Large or loaded (or large _and_ loaded) pizzas tend to get soggy, overwhelmed crusts. Sometimes we get two smalls instead of one medium or large.

        Haven't actually ordered Mad Pizza, but I was really surprised by how good it was the one time I stopped in their SLU branch for a slice and a beer. Granted, I was starving and just looking for something fast and filling---my expectations weren't that high. Still, it was definitely better than Pagliacci's.