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Feb 20, 2005 10:08 PM

Best Long Beach Pizza?

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Hi, I'm new to Long Beach (from NYC) and I'm looking for the best Pizza, especially near downtown. Any of them do a good brick oven/thin crust pie?

Are there any sites with “best of” lists for LB? or guides?

- Otto

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  1. Ferraros at Loynes and PCH
    I'm about to eat the Breakfast of Champions now-3 cold slices
    Just a great neighborhood restaurant.

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    1. re: Bob Barnett

      I would put in a vote for Z Pizza on 2nd street in Belmont Shore. Excellent thin crust pizza. Just had some last night.

      1. re: gary metzker

        Is this the same as Z Pizza in Seal Beach (of Laguna Beach fame)?

    2. Buono's pizza has a Long Beach location, and their pizza is my favorite in San Pedro. Be sure to ask for thin crust and if you like it well done or not


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      1. re: Ernie

        Thanks for the "thin crust" reminder, I forget to ask for that about half the time! Buono's is quite good.

      2. there's a pizza place run by new yorkers on main street in seal beach. it's good. they just changed the name to new york pizza or something like that. it's a short street with a few pizza places, you'll be able to tell which.

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        1. re: pizza

          A Slice of New York Pizza. Just a couple of doors south of Central, on Main.

          1. re: LBQT

            2 slices and a drink $5
            The pesto pizza rules

            1. re: Bob Barnett

              Wow a buck cheaper than Bronx Pizza in SD. If it's not flooded or raining later this week, I may have to stop by there.

              1. re: RUBulldog

                Go, it's good, but sometimes with the slices they dont heat them up long enough. Ask them to leave it in there for a while cause you like them really crispy.

                1. re: pizza

                  Plus, it is just a couple of doors down from Javatini's, where they will freshly roast a pound of coffee for you. Order your coffee, eat pizza, pick up your coffee.

                  1. re: Susan S

                    Ah, Susan, you're a girl after my own caffeinated heart........

                  2. re: pizza

                    I second that point....their slices taste much better when you ask them to be heated just a bit longer. My only complaint about the pizza is that I wish the sauce was a little tastier. However, eating there among all of the vintage NY sports photos and later stepping out to retro-style Main Street and strolling their quaint few blocks and pier is quite a treat (and one of SoCal's best-kept secret fun locations).

            2. re: pizza

              Thanks! I gave them a try, not bad.. 2 slices and a drink for five bucks!

            3. I noticed there's a Domenico's across from Jones' Bicycle shop (5339 E. 2nd St) My personal fav. pizza in the whole county rolls out of the ovens of Domenico's in Monrovia on 236 W. Huntington Dr., but I don't remember hearing an opinion about an LB branch.

              Should you go see if they'll make the crust "extra-thin" like they do in Monrovia.

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              1. re: gj

                I have been going to Dominico's in Long Beach forever and I don't think they are related to those in Monrovia or Pasadena ( I live in Pasadena and have tried both). I too love the Long Beach Domenico's pizza. Ask for ground sausage it's much better that the typically blobs served on most pizza's. Don't forget to dip your breadsticks into a hefty carafe of "House Burgundy"!

                1. re: magicapple

                  If you like Domenico's you will also like Tony's Italian on Long Beach Blvd and 7th. Tony was the chef at Dominico's for 20 years and just started his own place a while back. Really good and a lot cheaper than Dominicos but Dominico's is located in a better place.

              2. Catalano's has excellent pizza. They are located at the corner of Orange Avenue and Carson Street in Long Beach.