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Nov 21, 2009 10:34 AM

ethnic/quirky, MoMA vicinity

My friend and I are braving the crowds to check out the Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA tomorrow and have instructions to find an interesting/ethnic/quirky spot for dinner afterwards. Doesn't have to be confined to that neighborhood. I love Caracas Arepa Bar, Yakitori Totto, any number of divey banh mi joints, street meat, etc etc...but I would love to try someplace I haven't been yet.

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  1. Divey: Delta Grill
    Greek: Uncle Nicks
    Greek Tapas: Nick's Ouzaria

    1. There's a place on 45th, I think, off Fifth, that has great chaat - Don't remember name (starts with an S...) but found it through Voice's Fork in the Road.

      There's an Ecuadorian place (Rincon Sabroso?) also in the high 40's - open for lunch, I'm not sure about dinner.

      These are my new midtown "cheap and interesting!" places.