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Nov 21, 2009 08:31 AM

Bedford PA

I'll be stopping in Bedford the Tuesday after Christmas, and wonder if anyone has any thoughts on the 1796 Room at Bedford Springs, or any other local fare for dinner. Last time we ate at Ed's Steakhouse, which was serviceable not nothing special. Thanks.

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  1. Hi, You might want to check out the Union Hotel in Everett, PA. It's about a 20 minute drive, but it's been totally renovated and is reasonably priced. I've been to the 1796 room twice--loved the ambiance, but thought the food was dull and overpriced. Lots of people like the Jean Bonnett Tavern, it's fine too:

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      Thanks-the Union Hotel looks very interesting...I think we'll try for that, if we have no trouble with weather, etc. that day. I'll report back around the New Year.
      I found a website, in case anyone else wants to try it:

    2. Hi David - -
      I have stayed at Bedford Springs Resort twice, and look forward to going back again soon! :)

      The food in the 1796 Room was amazing, the only thing I did not like about it was the lighting - - it just seemed a little glare-y to me. But again, the food selections that I tried were superb (they were pricey, as someone else mentioned, but what I had I was not at all "dull", it was one of the better duck dishes I have had). The chef comes out and chats with everyone, etc.

      They also have the Crystal Room, which was good. I liked the atmosphere there better, particularly the seating around the edges of the room, at the opposite end from the buffet (too busy at that end). In their Fronteir Tavern, I liked their french onion soup and on-tap custom root beer.

      Definitely worth the stop, particularly if you can stay the night.

      Hope my message is not too late! Enjoy!

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        Not too late, as we'll be in the area after Christmas. This is a midway point between Indiana and our home in Brooklyn, so staying at the resort is not worth it-we'll be looking to be off very early the next morning.
        The menu in the 1796 room attracted my attention when I first looked at it-thanks for the input-I see from your other posts that we agree on other restaurants.

      2. We did end up at the 1796 Room for dinner. The resort is quite nice, with a good feel on a cold, dark night (and it was only 5:30)-we looked around, and I would say the Crystal Room was very pretty and bustling, and the Tavern seemed cozy.
        We were the first seated in the 1796 Room, and it seemed as though we may have picked the wrong place-it just seemed deserted. But soon enough our waitress arrived, and we were well cared for the rest of the evening. In a little while it was pretty full. It is the kind of over-practiced formal service you tend to get in these places-young girls trained to act "properly"-but they are fine. The room has side-by-side seating along the edges, with more tables in the middle. If you are looking for a romantic night, you may want to eat later-we had a few tables with kids at them when we were there.
        We started with a salad-fennel and an endive salad, both of which were good but nothing special. We moved on to a lobster and saffron dish and halibut-both were quite tasty.
        Since this was just after Christmas excess, we skipped dessert. The coffee was a very nice presspot. They had a decent selection of wines by the glass at a fair price.
        Overall, this was just what we needed-it is a little pricey for what you get, but being able to sit back in a relaxed atmosphere and drink some wine after the long drive was worth it.
        And I was a little sorry to leave to go back to our generic motel closer to the highway...I may look to actually stay there at some point.

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        1. re: David W

          Hi David!
          Glad to hear that it was an enjoyable time. I hope to get back there this winter/spring for a visit (and some spa-time), and I love their indoor pool with its original tiles, etc.