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Nov 21, 2009 08:23 AM

11/09 ISO Shrimp Taro Cakes and more, from Shanghai Gate Days

So I'm thinking this morning about dim sum. And that we haven't been to the Boston Chinatown for dimsum in maybe 15 yrs. And how Shanghai Gate was our fav. and how it isn't there anymore (right?) Does anyone know if we can still find * Deep Fried Shimp Patties w/ Julienned Taro coating ,and where? They are our very fav.

As long as I'm asking, I have the same "yes? where?" question about *Deep fried Eggplant Sandwiches filled w/ Minced Shrimp and *Baked Pork Bao (with a filling that is not sickeningly sweet) and *Curried Beef Flaky Pastry , and hand rolled oval *Dumplings filled with Sweet Black Sesame Paste, and *Silver Noodle( hand formed rice noodles shaped like thin bullets and tapered at both ends, mixed w/ shiitakes and veggies and served as a dome).

When we go to dim sum in San Fran. every yr. at our fav., Yank Sing, they do not have these old favs. I think it's about time we re-patronize our own dim sum spots. I really appreciate your help with the search!

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  1. Had the shrimp patties with Julienned Taro (I think) at the China Pearl in Woburn recently

    1. Not a big dim sum person so I only go once in a while myself. I had the eggplant with minced shrimp filling at Winsor recently - quite good. This is one I see in almost any dim sum joint, and usually done reasonably well. The last time I had silver pin noodles was from Gitlo. I can't speak to the alleged change in quality of food, as I dine there enough, but the last time I had the dish (earlier this year) it tasted fine. This also used to be a common dish at the larger dim sum houses. I can't speak to the other dishes since I never order those, though I have seen them in most dim sum places I've been to.

      1. Dim Sum Chef in the Allston Super 88 has the shrimp with taro - I'm very fond of them myself and get them there quite often. I think they're good but haven't had them a ton of other places to compare.

        1. Any of the major dimsum houses will have the shrimp/taro, the eggplant. The sweet dumplings i think your talking about are sesame on the outside but red bean paste on the inside, also available at any of the major locations. The Silver Noodles i dont think i have seen though.

          Hei La Moon and China Pearl would be my 2 top picks in boston chinatown for cart dimsum.
          Winsor for non-cart.
          You can also get all those things at China Pearl Woburn

          1. I don't think you mean Shanghai Gate, which is in Allston, but rather Shanghai/ New Shanghai on Hudson Street in Boston. I never got to go there much for dim sum, as my friends all favor traditional Cantonese style which they did not serve.

            I know that you recently had a disappointing experience at Gitlo's, which unfortunately is not as good as it was when it first opened. However, as far as I know they are currently the only game in town for the Silver Needle noodles, which I also remember being offered at all the usual dim sum places in a glass bowl inverted on a plate - now all one ever sees in that format is fried rice.

            You would probably do much better at Gitlo's if you ate there rather than getting takeaway - I know that lots of people do it but dim sum can't help but suffer by not being eaten fresh.

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              the place i'm referring to had elaborate exterior facade and columns, and was 1/2 way down its street, on the right side, when travelling from kneeland. I wouldn't be surprised if i got the name completely wrong. Thanks for the silver noodle info.

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                Not anything to do with Shanghai, then - Golden Palace.

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                  thanks much. what was the name of the one, same time period, where, if you walked out gold pal doors, turned right, then turned left at corner (beach?) and walked down approx. 2 blocks, on the left., middle of the block? i'm so glad someone has a memory here!