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Nov 21, 2009 07:55 AM

Deals on Kona, Jamaica Blue Mtn . . if you can get to the right Costco. Worth it?

Just found out that a roaster (Caribbean Coffee) is on a Costco roadshow selling Jamaican Blue Mountain for $38/lb (versus $50) and 100% Kona for about $20. This week in Santa Maria Costco, but next week (starting Thurs) in Westlake and after that supposedly other LA-proximate locations.

Of course, these beans may be lost on my palate -- is it worth the trip, generally speaking? That's still a lot of $$ for coffee, even when reduced -- guidance please?

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  1. Would depend on the roaster, I've bought 2 lbs. of 100% Kona at the Costco near the Honolulu Airport a couple times and it was great for the price.
    If not for the price I wouldn't have bought it, I find Kona to be over rated.

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      thanks! This is from a roaster in Santa Barbara, Caribbean, who I am well familiar with and like a lot -- but I always get mid-priced blends (house blend or the cuban roast).

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        Give a heads up if you know where they'll be in the greater LA area and I might check it out...not exactly into JBM either, but always looking for a good roaster.

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          Will do -- my contact at the company said he'd give me further info in a couple days, when he's back in the office. I'll post it here if he gets back to me. thanks much!

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            Here's what I found out, though I don't think it's the whole story because I was first told Irvine would be on the agenda. The confirmed date and location closest to L.A. is Oxnard . . . so maybe if you're heading to the outlets for Black Friday anyway; not sure a trip in and of itself is worth it: http://bit.ly/5MveLT

    2. Bought the Hair Raiser and Cuban from the roadshow. Great price ($6/lb) but roasted far too dark for my taste, past Vienna roast levels. YMMV.

      1. I don't know... I usually buy my Kona direct from, well, Kona. It's usually in the $20-$25/lb range and this time of year often free shipping. Greenwell Farms is my usual place.

        1. Altho I don't remember it being a roadshow, I did see 100% Kona 1 lb bags for $20 at the Van Nuys Costco a few days ago. I have not tried it, so cannot vouch for taste. That store has an in-house roasting area near the freezer food. They always sell something called Seattle Mountain (I think); additionally almost always offer a premium bean or roast too for a little more $. Kona is the special offering currently

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            I've tried Costco's in-house stuff and was not a fan at all. Luckily, they were classy enough to give a refund when I expressed my dissatisfaction

          2. Those are decent prices for Kona and JBM, but with good searches you can find comparable prices on the internet. In fact you can find the peaberry versions of both beans for those prices. Peaberry is simply the smaller bean that tends to be smoother and less acidic than the normal Kona or JBM. In the past I have only seen Kona in the Honolulu Costco and found them to be satisfactory at $17-22/lb.