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Nov 21, 2009 07:54 AM

Fig Produce in trouble! Please consider this excellent eastdside store for shopping this Holiday.

I told one of the Fig Produce owners about a discovery of mutual support for their store, and he said they’re teetering so close to the edge that he considered not stocking up for Thanksgiving week, but he did stock up with $8,000 worth of groceries, half of it produce that they really have to sell. They have grass fed beef, free range chicken, excellent produce, Local roasted coffee. This a store that is really trying to buy local & organic. Please lets support them.

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  1. Listing their address may help to support them :

    Figueroa Produce
    6312 N Figueroa St Los Angeles,
    CA 90042-2733
    (323) 255-3663

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      1. re: alison

        Is this around Avenue 63 and N. Figueroa?

        1. re: Neta

          Fig & York in the same shopping center as the 99cent store

      2. wow that's a surprise. that place is fantastic!!!!!!!! so much variety and everything is superfresh.

        1. thanks for posting this. it's a bit out of my way, but i will make a detour in order to support them. been there a few times, and really love the offerings.

          1. I've been buying all my coffee there the last few weeks (all varieties of Jones Coffee are I think $10.99 a lb. which is much less than at Jones) and they are happy to grind it for you.
            The grass-fed ground beef at $3.50 a lb. is an unbeatable deal and the grass-fed rib-eye, while it is of course priced much higher than ground beef, was also excellent. I've also become addicted to the cavolo nero which is a dollar a bunch, I think.
            I hope they will be able to survive and restock; I guess it's tough out there these days.

            1. Figueroa Produce is great! If you are anywhere near the neighborhood, please give it a try. The prices are amazing for what you get. It's about the best meat department I've seen (including the grass feed beef). They also have home-made salsa, hummus, etc. Great prices on cheese. And lots of specialty items. Give them your money instead of Ralphs!

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              1. re: alnyden

                Sounds great! I'll try to get there this weekend. I'd rather give THEM my money than Ralphs or Whole Foods! Thanks to the OP, Purple Teeth, for the suggestion.