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Nov 21, 2009 07:35 AM

Delica - Yonge and St Clair

See that there is a new spot called Delica, just S of St Clair. It looks like a carry-out place. Anyone tried this yet or know the scoop?


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  1. Just finally saw this open.

    I think it is all take out, a lot of gourmet ready made foods. They're open until 3 pm this week, definitely going to try it tomorrow.

    1. It's owned by Devin Connell, the daughter of ACE Bakery founders Linda Haynes and Martin Connell. She and her mother recently released a joint cookbook.

      1. It just got a little write-up in the Star yesterday in the Living section, suggesting the "strawberry jammies" (baked doughnuts). Please post if you go - it's not in my area but I'd like to try it out if it's good.


          This menu looks great. Giving Boccone a run for the lunch rush money. I'm definitely going tomorrow, I live 20 metres away :)

          1. I walked in and took a look. Everything looked good - but no seating (Ok a counter with a handful of seats). But prices were 'not cheap'.
            So I continued on to Boccone where the 'average' costs are about 30-40% less (and I can sit for a while). Certainly the Ace breads look nice - but again, Boccone has daily delivery too.
            Maybe if someone can recommend the 'best deal' I'll give it a try.

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              Was there for lunch today.
              Very attractive little "store" and display counter with 6 hard stools in the corner.

              Triple decker: one little slice cheese, 2 tiny strips of bacon and barely a schmear of tomato relish. Way too much bread for the less than generous amount of filling. $7.99+ tax
              Guest had med. squash soup which was good but not exciting. In fairness I have never met an exciting squash soup. $5.75

              Rather liked the strawberry jammy but it would not make the place a destination by any means.

              It appears they are hoping to maintain a 10% food cost
              Boccone had nothing to fear - nor do any other of the local restos.