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Nov 21, 2009 07:32 AM

A place w sushi AND non-Japanese food?

Don't know if this exists, but I have a guests coming in who LOVE sushi (and don't get it where they live) and another who dislikes Japanese food (don't get me started). Is there a place midtown or downtown (pref downtown but I can't be choosy) that has good sushi and other options?

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  1. They dislike all types of Japanese or just sushi? I would recommend "Hosu" then. On queen street. (Queen/John). They have sushi (which, isn't amazing sushi, but, good value for what you get) plus a lot of Korean options. I haven't had a bad experience there yet

    Actually they have two locations, I have only been to the Queen street one

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      Thank you. I know?? Who doesn't like Japanese??? It has ALL KINDS of food!

    2. Just in case anyone checks this: Ended up going to The Drake since they offer a 'raw bar' as well as regular food. All of our meals were good. The Spicy Tuna, the salmon make and the drake maki all thrilled my friend who had a craving for sushi (the sushi pizza was bland, but what do you expect from sushi pizza). I don't think this would be 'great quality' sushi held up to a standard from a traditional sushi restaurant, but for casual dining it was perfect. My non-Japanese-food-friend had a great burger and they allowed her to have a side of beet and pear salad as a side. She was very pleased.